Dreaming of a summer vacation home? Think about Bethany Beach

Wednesday, May 19, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Dreaming of a summer vacation home? Think about Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach, Delaware, is never all that it appears to be, and we like it that way. Depending on the time of year you visit, you will either view Bethany Beach as a sleepy, hidden ocean gem or a happening summer tourist attraction. Bringing thousands of newcomers each summer, Bethany Beach is far from the quiet cubbyhole it pretends to be in the winter. The local economy relies heavily on the tourist industry to keep things running smoothly for the town and locals. Here we talk about why Bethany Beach is so awesome all-year-round and why you’ll want a vacation house here.

The Boardwalk Feels

The boardwalk of Bethany Beach is filled with restaurants, clubs, and nightlife entertainment. Though busy during the summer months, in the off-season, these attractions are reserved for the locals who enjoy the beach town’s coziness in its colder months. There’s also room to jog and overlook the beach from access points. The best part is that the boardwalk isn’t long, yet it offers a plethora of entertainment. Enjoy the ocean views without the hike.

Bethany Beach Homes for sale

Vacation properties in Bethany Beach are the cream of the crop. Most property options contain epic views and spots super close to the ocean. Depending on where you’re most interested in residing, you’ll either gain the benefits of a quiet resort or family fun with outskirt properties in the quiet areas and those close to Delaware Seashore State Park. Enjoy water activities that the park offers, such as fishing, sailboarding, boating, and surfing. Real estate options related to Bethany beach homes for sale are limited as, like most of the beach towns in Delaware, space is limited. You can find 4-bedroom homes for $335K and up, with land available in the same ballpark for price point. There are vacation homes for rent (starting at $99 per night) and for sale in the 500K-750K range.

Why Get a Summer Vacation Home Here?

Instead of buying an overpriced shack in the states famous for sunshine, go to those uncharted places that still have their original beach vibes built into the community. A beach vacation should have surf, sun, and all the fun of affordability. We think Bethany Beach offers all of that and more, given your clear choice of quietness or liveliness depending on the time you travel. Why not do something different and off the beaten path. Skip your cringe-worthy deposit on the summer house in Florida and opt for a cheaper, more classic alternative in Bethany Beach. The Atlantic at half the price and half the crowds? Yes, please!

Any time is the perfect time to visit Bethany Beach, Delaware. Two different feels are what make this place the excellent mix of quiet and crowded that it is. Don’t settle for smaller, less private vacation homes at prices you can’t afford. Think outside of the box and get your vacation dream home in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

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