How to find the best beach property in Rehoboth

Monday, May 17, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

How to find the best beach property in Rehoboth

The Delaware coastline is known for its quaint towns, blue waters, green spaces, outdoor parks, bustling boardwalks, and party towns. One of the most infamous party towns is sandwiched between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach, becoming one of the hottest spring break spots in the entire country.
Let’s check out why you should look to invest in buying a home in this booming town.

Find Rehoboth Beach real estate!

Rehoboth Beach is a city on the Atlantic Ocean along the stretch of E beaches in Sussex County. The population of this town is approximately 1,400 people, with the influx of people sharply rising during the tourist summer months. Along with the coastal city of Lewes, Rehoboth is one of the main areas of Delaware’s Cape Region, an area blossoming with new infrastructure and people relocating here.
Known as a popular vacation destination, this city is the most visited city, with warm sunshine, sandy beaches, blue ocean water, and an exciting boardwalk.

Find Rehoboth Beach real estate online

If you are looking to move to this dynamic and lively town, there are some online sites you should check out before making a move. Some websites containing real estate and home listings in the area include:

Best Neighborhoods Rehoboth Beach

When looking to purchase Rehoboth Beach real estate, you need to know the area best suited for your personality and budget. Let’s see the rating and data for Rehoboth Beach:
Rehoboth Beach’s livability score is 72/100, which is considered an excellent rating.

Rehoboth Beach crime ratings are 234% higher than the Delaree average, maybe suggesting this is not the best spot to raise a family.

The cost of living in Rehoboth Beach is 61% higher than the state average.

The Rehoboth Beach real estate prices are 262% higher than the Delaware average, meaning the price of homes and apartments will be much more expensive than you would find in other towns.

The rental prices of homes, apartments, mobile homes, and rooms in Rehoboth Beach are 3% lower than the state average. Renting a home to see if you want to move here could be a smart decision instead of purchasing expensive Rehoboth Beach real estate.

The estimated median household income for Rehoboth Beach was $118,199 in 2019, which is around $40,000 higher than the state average. This can explain why the Rehoboth Beach real estate is so much higher than the rest of Delaware.

The estimated income per capita was $141,811 in 2019.


Rehoboth Beach is a bustling and lovely coastal town that is known for its high-energy lifestyle. However, the expensive Rehoboth Beach real estate and high crime rates could deter some families from choosing to move here. Even so, looking online to find a house with the characteristics and budget that meets your needs can be easily done with the high number of Rehoboth Beach homes for sale.

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