Lewes, Delaware Attractions

Wednesday, August 18, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Lewes, Delaware Attractions

Fun Family Activities in Lewes, Delaware

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Oh, to live near the ocean with my family. Walking along the shore, biking here and there, eating well, enjoying great infrastructure and an aesthetic home. Always having something to entertain kids and somewhere to go with my spouse/boyfriend when they are with grandparents.

Sounds perfect! A life full of positive emotions and no boredom on weekends in a town where you can find a hobby and make new friends. If this is something you’d like to have, welcome to Lewes, Delaware! 

The location is deemed the first settlement in the first state to ratify the Constitution. It just can’t be bad. But what can you do there to be entertained as a family? In this compilation, we have 6 places that will make your weekend or holiday very special. Both families with kids and without them will find something to do in Lewes!

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Lewes Beaches

Rehoboth Beach isn’t the only local town famous for its beaches. Lewes has quite a few gorgeous sandy ones as well. Of course, when there’s a beach in the town, it becomes the most attractive location and sight for tourists. That’s why, in summer, you can see much more entertainment as they come here from all over the country.

The waters here are calm and children-friendly due to the inlet the beaches are situated on. As a result, there are no large waves, which means kids can have fun near the shore. Make sure, of course, to look after them. Even calm waters can be dangerous.

Good news: the beach is free for the public to attend. So, you have not only a million family fun opportunities but also a way to save when needed. Nature gives us the best locations! You don’t need a lot of money to have a picnic near the ocean.

Cape Henlopen State Park and Campground

Cape Henlopen State Park includes amazing locations for sunbathing and swimming. They are not only beautiful but safe as well, especially around Memorial Day and Labor Day. Many people gather there during the holidays, so the town assigns lifeguards to look after the people celebrating.

You can find a convenient bathhouse in the Northern area, making the vacation even more wholesome. Throw a picnic in a specially designated pavilion or rent the ‘Officer’s Club’ if you have a big company of family and friends gathering.

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Moreover, you can play golf and basketball within the area, or choose a calmer route and follow the trail to the WWII Observation Tower. The latter offers a breathtaking view of the location.

The variety of trails is very satisfying. You can go to the top of a former military bunker or discover the nature of the coast on the nature-related paths. There are six miles of beach to hike and explore!

To find out more, you can follow the official accounts of the place on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. There, you’ll see pictures and get information as to the activities available. 

Cycle Sports

Lewes, Delaware is famous for its special love for biking. Here, you can buy, rent, and/or repair your bike. This is a way to explore the town in an eco-friendly, healthy way. The bikes are of good quality, and there are various sizes for all the members of your family. 

Enjoy the scenery and, if you need guidance, ask the people working at the Lewer Cycle Sports for help. They will be glad to help you discover the new beautiful sights of the town!

To find out more, you can follow the place on Facebook or Instagram.

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Kids’ Ketch

If you have children, Kids’ Ketch will become their favorite location in Lewes, guaranteed! It’s been in the town since 1990. Nowadays, the place offers all kinds of books, games, and toys for entertainment and learning. The area encompasses 3,700 square feet of fun!

Kids of all ages are welcome; there’s something to catch the attention of every child. As usual, you can find out more on the Kids’ Ketch Facebook page.

Midway Par 3 Golf Course

If you want to learn how to play golf, need practice, or are a professional playing for fun, Midway Par 3 will become your favorite place in Lewes aside from the beaches. It’s reasonably priced, offers a decent 18-hole Par 3 course, family-friendly, where everyone can learn and play.

It’s not that far from the beaches, by the way.

Of course, you can check out its Facebook for more info.

Nassau Valley Vineyards

Say, you don’t have kids or left them with grandparents or godparents to have a little time to yourself. How about a wine tour? Nassau Valley Vineyards offers tastings and opportunities to learn the history of wine.

You can create a tour yourself, discovering a great variety of red and white wines. This is the first winery in Delaware, and some of the reds and whites made there have won awards!

There are frequent tastings, and you can become a part of one. To make sure you know when is the best day to ask grandparents to entertain the kids, follow the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Nassau Valley Vineyards and check out the updates!

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Have Fun with Family and Friends in Lewes, Delaware

Many people have a misconception about smaller towns. They seem to be boring and suitable for those who are very tired of the noises of large cities and seek only serenity. While the second part is right for a lot of people, when talking about Lewes, boredom is never an option here.

As you can see, starting with beaches and kids’ rooms and finishing with wineries and golf courses, there’s always something to do here. You can try new things, find hobbies, make friends, and socialize. Your children can grow up in a place with fresh ocean air and nice people around. Isn’t this amazing?

Make sure you choose a house near the beach and with other entertainment units nearby. And in case you want to go farther, there’s always an opportunity to ride a bike and promote healthy living!

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