Looking for A Home on the Beach? Consider Delaware

Wednesday, May 19, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Looking for A Home on the Beach? Consider Delaware

Living the luxurious beachfront lifestyle that you’ve always imagined is actually much more affordable than you think. You just need to know the right place to look!
Here, we discuss the hidden gem state of Delaware and list why it is our top choice for beachside living today. You heard us! Move over California, Delaware has a less expensive and far less congested option for sand, sun, and sea lovers looking for a better place to call home.

Consistent Home Value

Buying a home on the beach in Delaware is a brilliant idea, given the economic indications behind beach homes in the area. Research has shown that beach homes in the Delaware area consistently retain their home values as time goes on.
A big reason for this is the location point. With a small total of twenty-six miles on the coastline, Delaware has only a tiny amount of room for home construction. Given these limitations, the value of beach homes in the area remains consistent over time.

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In addition to economic return, Delaware is a top choice for those looking to retire by the beach. Considered by many as northeastern Florida, Delaware has more and more retirees flocking to its beachside communities every year. Besides the good weather and affordable beach living, the state has amazing tax perks that make living in the area even more affordable and enjoyable.
It’s far more possible to buy your beach dream home in this underrated New England state than it is in California or Florida. Even in more expensive areas like Lewes, you can still find homes for sale Lewes, DE for less than the national average in home costs. In other words, you can find homes for WAY cheaper than California prices.

Vacation All-Year Round

Living on the beach gives you the ability to feel like you’re taking a vacation 24/7! Even if you don’t live here as your primary residence, you can still purchase a Delaware beachside dream home to have waiting for you when you do make plans to get away. Many locals have homes and beachside cottages that they use to host family, friends, and travelers. Get in on these perks!

Benefits of Healthier Living

Living in spacious, coastal communities is undoubtedly healthy. The sense of ease that comes from living near the water makes everyone feel better. Enjoy the benefits of nature and relaxation and take advantage of that ocean breeze. Many of the small towns by the ocean are walkable and close to boutiques and some of the best restaurants in the country.There are a gazillion reasons why living by the beach in Delaware is so beneficial to your health, happiness, and wallet. Before you burn cash you don’t have on a smaller, less private home in an overpopulated state, give the Delaware real estate market a chance to show you what it’s made of. You won’t regret it!

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