Ocean City, Maryland Attractions

Wednesday, August 18, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Ocean City, Maryland Attractions

Fun Family Activities in Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland is a chest with great impressions and precious memories for a family. A very special thing about the place is that most of the entertainment is free of charge. Can you imagine having a holiday on a beach with every day being different and even more fun than before? And all of that for an affordable price!

If this is hard to believe, you should definitely visit Ocean City during the next vacation. Sightseeing, concerts, movies, dance parties, sundaes, and more are waiting for you.

To make sure you believe us, we’ve prepared a list of things to do in OC. Let at least half of these on your traveling plan, and you won’t be disappointed. Even if you come in the colder months, the city has a lot to offer. And, again, many of the sights are free!

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From Monday to Saturday, all summer long, you can visit the Ocean City Aquarium. The program starts at 11:30 am. Why this particular time? Because the animals of the aquarium are having breakfast at that time every day.

You can get familiar with some of the most awesome wildlife living in the ocean. Most people visit the place on Saturday for understandable reasons. So, if you want to see more, it’s better to choose another day.

By the way, the Saturday feeding is a part of a museum program set we’ll talk about later.

Beach Dance Parties

Thursday evenings are busy in Ocean City, Maryland! From 7:30 to 9:30 pm, relax and let your body move with the beat under the control of an experienced DJ. This is a great end of the day before the drone show starts!

Beach Movie Screenings

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, all families are invited to watch a movie free of charge! Of course, it can’t be only movies if you’re in OC. Family-friendly activities like ladder ball, spikeball, etc. are available as well. 

The screenings start at around 8:30 pm right on the beach. The screen is enormous, you’ll be like in a cinema but with the ocean as an additional viewer.

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Drone Shows

Every Thursday and Sunday evening (Thu on the beach and Sun at Northside Park after the Sundaes), you can enjoy a magnificent drone shop. This is something you may have never seen before. 

This show will leave great impressions that will make you want to come back. Not to mention the kids will be in awe!

Park Sundaes

On Sunday, from 7 pm to 9 pm, go to Northside Park. You’ll be greeted with original live musical performances by tribute groups and local old bands. You’ll hear all kinds of songs, from rock to blues.

Moreover, you’re guaranteed pizzas, ice cream, and many more delicious additions to this wonderful evening. If you visit with children, they can take part in a plethora of free entertainment activities while you enjoy the music. All that topped with a warm, red, gorgeous sunset. This is the best way to end the day.

Special Museum Programs

Museum summer programs are interesting not only for children but for adults as well. They mostly start at 10 am and are free to attend! You can visit any of them in July and August, usually.

Here’s a program:

  • Monday program - History of Our Surfmen.
    This is a very inspiring program about the US Life-Saving Service that takes care of ships and people in trouble at sea. They are true heroes, considering the danger they are in almost every day.
  • Tuesday program - Safety on the Beach.
    To make sure your vacation goes well, it’s crucial to know how to keep yourself and the family safe on the beach. This museum program talks about the topic. The OC Beach Patrol will update you on everything there is to know. Plus, you'll find out more about surfing safety precautions and will be able to spell your name using a signaling method called semaphore.
  • Wednesday program - How to Tie Knots.
    Nautical knots are a type of art. You can learn the best techniques on Wednesdays in Ocean City, Maryland. The US Coast Guard Auxiliary will help you and your children with that.
  • Thursday program - All About Sharks.
    Learn more about the real sharks you would see off the coast. The variety is great. Every kind is frightening but amazing to listen about. This will be interesting for kids as well as adults.
  • Friday program - Land, Sky & Sea.
    One of the most interesting programs will tell you everything there is to know about the island, its history, and fauna. All the information is presented in a creative way, so no one will get bored as a result of such a lecture.
  • Saturday program - Aquarium.
    Remember we’ve talked about the OC Aquarium and the morning feeding? Yes, it’s a part of the Museum Program collection as well!

Make sure to find out more about the relevant program for the time you’ll be in town. Something may change after we publish the article. It’s always nice to be updated, right?

Sunset Park Night Parties

Head right to Sunset Park if you want another free concert. You’re encouraged to bring something to sit on for the most comfort. Buy a beer or two and enjoy music and sunset. If you have children, there are many games in the park as well, including relays, castle contests, and many more!

The kids’ happiness begins at 6:30 pm, while the concert is from 7 pm to 9 pm. It’s recommended to sit somewhere near your children for the most safety.

Ocean City, Maryland Is Worth Visiting with Your Family

The sheer volume of entertainment for all ages is quite impressive. All that along with gorgeous views and warm beaches create the ultimate vacation atmosphere. Visit OC with your partner and kids if you have any, and rest assured that every member of the family will enjoy the stay.

From cozy movie nights to the aquarium and interesting museum programs, you’ll learn more, see more, experience more, and maybe even consider moving to the town.

It’s friendly, beautiful, and offers lots of opportunities. With the view of the ocean, this combo is the best.

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