Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Attractions

Wednesday, August 18, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Attractions

Fun Family Activities in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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The town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is an amazing place to create memories for all family members. Children, adults, and the elderly will find something fascinating and entertaining here.

If you don’t believe us, go to Google Search or Maps and look for some of the locations we’re going to cover in this article!

Some of these are suitable for children, while others - for you and your partner while the kids are someplace else. If you don’t have children, there are lots of opportunities to get an adrenaline rush or a romantic evening in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Atlantic Cycles

Biking is a huge thing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. You can get almost any kind of bicycle there to travel around, with or without kids. Here are only some of the types:

  • Tandem bike;
  • Road bike;
  • Children bike;
  • Surrey, etc.

Besides, the staff will give you trail maps for free so that you know where to go on a journey. Of course, you will get helmets and, if needed, other protective gear. Make sure to secure the elements properly to avoid injuries in case of a fall.

Such active days with family usually create some of the best memories, especially in a child’s mind.

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If you have children, younger or older, you have a chance to make their day! Go to Funland - one of the best amusement parks in the state! There’s every ride they have ever dreamed of. And you know what?

Maybe it’s time to communicate with your inner child as well. Enjoy a Freefall ride or a SuperFlip 360. If you’re afraid, there are other rides that will give you as much adrenaline without the panic. 

Make sure you visit Funland at least once during your stay to have a family day of fun. The place opens as soon as warmth comes to the town. Usually, it’s early May. The exact time is 1 pm, but you can check it online since the time may change. The park closes around 11 pm or even later when there are many people. 

Usually, Funland responds to the weather and the number of visitors. If the weather is fine and there are many people (which is most often the case), you’re not going to be kicked out before collecting all the fun.

As to the season-closing, there’s no definite date. When it becomes colder and not many people visit the place, it closes till the next May.

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Jungle Jim’s

Jungle Jim’s is the place for all kids that like adventures. Here, you can find literally anything from mini-golf with a wonderful view to bumper boats that will drive you crazy and awaken that competitiveness.

There’s also a special wave pool and massive waterslides. You can stay here all day and fail to try every attraction. After some time, when the kids get hungry after all the splashing, have lunch in a safari cafe that looks like an adventure itself.

This is a great place to celebrate a kid’s birthday or just have a special family day in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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Midway Speedway Park

If you want more adrenaline and more entertainment, it’s about time you went to Midway Speedway Park. This is a huge area with go-carts you can race as fast as possible. This is like Fast and Furious but without the bad guys.

Ten kinds of go-carts, five tracks (remember that two of them are only for children), and loads of fun. If you have little children that aren’t ready to race on the kid’s tracks, it’s OK to have them with you in a two-seater cart.

Other Fun Locations

The link can go on with every cute cafe and gorgeous restaurant. The food there is fresh and original, so a healthy diet isn’t a difficulty. This is very important both during a vacation and as a factor of consideration when you plan to move somewhere.

There are lots of well-maintained parks where you can have a romantic walk at dusk or create summer content for Instagram under the sun. The variety of greenery is fascinating. You can work there if you’re a freelancer, have a picnic, go out to play sports with family and friends, or just walk around every evening before bed.

Remember that smell of a summer evening? In a park near the ocean it is 10 times more special.

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On beaches, there are lots of movie screenings, many of them are suitable for children. Beach bonfires are a common sight as well. Not to mention the daytime activities like waterslides.

The infrastructure is awesome, so it’s not a problem to explore the whole town during your vacay. Diversify your days. While laying on the beach for a week is a good idea for people who got really tired of work, if it’s a family vacation, chances are you’re going to miss all the fun on that beach.

So, have some time for bike riding, amusement parks, and cozy evening walks.

When Is the Best Time for Summer Activities in Rehoboth Beach?

The warm season is the most entertaining. Tourists come from other towns, cities, and states, amusement parks are re-opening. May to September (at least) is a great time slot to choose your vacation or moving dates.

Many people nowadays are considering moving somewhere near the ocean. It has a very special atmosphere. When choosing a town to settle in, consider one of the Delaware coastal cities.

As you can see, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is an incredible town to live in and visit. You have it all here, starting with gorgeous sandy beaches and finishing with biking along the streets. It’s worth coming here with children since the number of attractions for them is enormous.

The ocean breeze adds to the cozy and fun atmosphere.

Also, there are opportunities for a romantic evening if you don’t have kids or have a chance to ask relatives to stay with them for an evening. Picnics on beaches, boat rides, park walks, dinners at restaurants, etc. will help you make lots of memories with your partner.

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