Top 5 beach neighborhoods to live in DE

Monday, May 17, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Top 5 beach neighborhoods to live in DE

Although you may not immediately think of Delaware when you want to escape for some sun and sand, the First State is home to miles and miles of coastline. With coastal communities with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, finding a home along this beautiful stretch of land could be the next move for you and your family.

Best Delaware Beach Neighborhoods

When looking to rent a beach house for the summer, or retire along the picturesque DE coastline, you need to find out which neighborhoods are best for you. Our top choice? Researching Bethany beach homes for sale to have a mixture of peace with the upbeat vibe of a beach town. 

Lewes, DE

If you want to get away from the crowds of the more populated beach towns, head to Lewes, a town located along the mouth of the Delaware Bay. One of the least-populated spots on the DE shore, this small town is a great spot for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, with the majority of locals walking and biking everywhere in sight.

Fenwick Island, DE

Located at the border of Maryland and Delaware, this heaven is often overlooked by tourists passing through to go to other beaches. However, we recommend checking out this laid-back spot for views of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse and walking around the Fenwick Island State Park. 

Rehoboth, DE

A popular spot for tourists in the summer season - and DE residents to permanently move here for retirement - Rehoboth is a family-friendly and inclusive town with an amazing boardwalk, bright beach homes, and outlet shopping. If you are a foodie, you’ll fit in here - with thousands of restaurants along the coastline, the food is what sets this town apart from the rest. 

Dewey Beach, DE

Although we would avoid this beach town during the first week of summer - say hello to thousands of high school seniors - this party town is infamous for its energy and good vibes. Head to the Starboard for a huge omelet and Bloody Mary - who knows, you might end up staying there for the rest of the day, watching as the crowds pour in during sunny Saturdays and Sundays. 
We would recommend heading to this beach town if you’re single, since there seems to be a never-ending influx of young people relocating to this ‘haven’ for those in their young 20s.

Bethany Beach Homes for Sale

Although the previous choices are good options for some people, we recommend researching Bethany Beach homes for sale when looking to relocate to the Delaware coastline. This place is a delightful retreat from the hoopla of busier places like Dewey Beach, DE, and Ocean City, MD, offering respite from the noise. 
A wholesome vacation getaway for families or older people, this town is a great place to enjoy playing some golf, exploring little boutiques, and relaxing on uncrowded beaches.


If you are looking to move to the coastline, Googling Bethany Beach homes for sale can be a good place to start. Although Rehoboth, Dewey, Fenwick Island, and Lewes are all excellent Delaware beach towns, Bethany Beach offers a relaxed vibe that can be favorable for those wanting to escape the crowds.

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