Top Delaware Neighborhoods to Consider in 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Top Delaware Neighborhoods to Consider in 2021

It can be a hard and stressful thing to move from one state in the United States to another. Not only are you likely leaving behind many of your family and friends in your old hometown, you are also moving to a place where you know very little about the actual locations. 
With that being said, if you are thinking of moving to the great state of Delaware, you can be sure that you are moving to a state that offers a wonderful mixture of culture, history, industry, natural beauty and so much more.
If you are either thinking of moving to Delaware for a change of scenery, or are moving due to your work, here are some of the very best neighborhoods that you should be thinking of moving to! 

North Star

Simply put, a list about the best neighborhoods in Delaware cannot be complete without North Star. It’s got some of the best public schools in the state, has a huge amount of job opportunities, and offers a lot of art and entertainment no matter your interests. 
On top of that, the neighborhood, which is home to approximately 7,500 residents, proudly boasts a loving and tight-knit community. 

Pike Creek

For those who value living nearby some really beautiful natural areas, Pike Creek is a neighborhood in Delaware that simply must be considered. Pike Creek sits nearby White Clay Creek State Park as well as the beautiful Middle Run Valley Natural Area. On top of that, the average home price in Pike Creek is quite a bit more affordable than the aforementioned North Star neighborhood, making it perfect for those first-time home buyers who are just looking to start a family. 

Rehoboth Beach


If you are looking for something that may end up feeling like you’re living on vacation time 24/7 consider the historic and breathtaking Rehoboth Beach. This small, but highly attractive suburb lies right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is – for the vast majority of the year – known to have a very temperate climate.
Here, you can expect to enjoy the very close feel within the community, often seeing your close friends out and about in the neighborhood’s beautiful town center.  This is a perfect option for those who love the relaxation of the beach and also want to be close to bustling little cafes, restaurants, shopping stores and more.


This is a perfect option for those who want to live in Delaware, but also work in the great city of Philadelphia. The reason for that is because while Greenville is widely considered a suburb of the City of Brother Love, it is very much within the borders of Delaware. 
Greenville boasts classic east coast homes, where you can stretch your money quite well, despite the fact that the typical home will cost upwards of $500,000. With that high price tag, potential homeowners can expect to find houses with four or five bedrooms along with sprawling land surrounding the properties. The neighborhood streets lined with evergreens adds to the feel that you are living in a classic American neighborhood.