What’s It Like To Live in Lewes, Delaware?

Monday, May 17, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

What’s It Like To Live in Lewes, Delaware?

Hello World!  Welcome Friends! If you are in search of a place that is not too populated, but has wonderful scenery and history, then a place like Lewes, DE may be just right!
The city is located along Delaware Bay and has lots of bars, local shops, and attractions that residents enjoy year round. The small area is mostly busy in the summer, and tends to die down in the fall and winter.
When it comes to homes for sale Lewes DE, there are many types of townhomes, condos, and/single family dwellings to choose from. 

Why Locals Enjoy Living in Lewes DE

One of the things that families love about living in Lewes is the fact that the area has a wonderful school system. Each of the public schools in the area has an A rating, and they all rank high in the state of Delaware when referring to elementary, middle, and high schools overall. 

Another thing that has folks looking for homes for sale in Lewes DE is the low crime rate in and around the city. Property crimes are minimal when compared to the national average, and so are violent crimes such as assault and/or robbery. 

Lewes is one of the most sought out beach towns on the East Coast, and locals love the mellow, laid back atmosphere. Like most tourist spots, it can become pretty busy during the summer months. But the weather is not super hot or humid like, say, some places in the southern United States such as Florida. 

Lewes is not overly populated either, and there are actually only just above 3,000 residents in this quaint area of Delaware. Lots of the restaurants and businesses are family-owned establishments, and this promotes the homey atmosphere of the city. 
For recreation, many folks like to participate in fun activities like kayaking, and others simply enjoy bringing out the jet skis on a nice warm summer day! In fact, even during the fall and winter months the weather does not get so cold, and it’s not too far-fetched to see residents doing a lot of fishing and/or sunbathing even in late September. 

Types of Homes For Sale in Lewes DE

Lots of older folks look for homes for sale in Lewes DE, and many of them decide that this is the place where they’d like to retire. With this being a beachside community, sometimes the housing prices can be kind of steep depending on the type of home you desire. 

For example, the price range for single family homes goes from around $250,000 to about $750,000. This would of course depend on the location, and the homes that are closest to the beach are generally more pricey than those that are more inland. 
If you are looking to buy a condo, you will likely not find any that are less than $275,000, and the median home value for the entire area is just under $560,000. Folks who relocate to this area will buy property about 80% of the time according to statistics, and those who rent will likely do so in the spring and summer months versus the fall and winter. 

Lewes DE is a Wonderful Place to Live

If you like a beach town with a historic feel to it, then Lewes DE would be a perfect place for you. 
Whether you are just planning on spending the summer in the city on a vacation or if you are looking to move to the area permanently, you will truly enjoy this oceanside paradise for the duration of your stay.

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