Why Fenwick Island Is Named The Third Best Tiny Town

Wednesday, May 19, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Why Fenwick Island Is Named The Third Best Tiny Town

Today’s authentic beach towns are hard to come by. Commercialism has cashed in on beach living, turning most of California, Florida, and Hawaii into expensive resorts for the rich and famous. There are, however, a handful of beach towns left that haven’t lost their natural charm or their affordability, but they’re not where you’d expect. Delaware harbors a handful of secret beach towns that until now have remained under the radar of travelers and families looking for new places to settle. Delaware as a whole is not off-limits, but Fenwick has other plans. Here, we discuss Fenwick Island, a tiny town in Delaware that has stayed true to its beachy roots, giving locals pride and gratitude to live in such a secret paradise. Learn why Fenwick Island has been recognized as a top small-town and get the scoop on real estate activity in the area.

Fenwick Island Homes for Sale

The beach life accommodations have placed Fenwick Island homes for sale listings in an acceptable range that accounts for the smallness of the town as well. You can find homes between $350-700K and land for about 400K, all based on how close you are to the water. Condos and mobile homes go for cheaper than houses, but options for all are limited. Strict zoning laws discourage additional construction and multi-family units and living arrangements. Fenwick likes the way things are, and it’s doing all it can to keep the influx of travelers and newcomers from breaking down its resilient charm and local perks. Locals call Fenwick their “jewel,” and they plan on keeping it that way. The bottom line: if you want to move to Fenwick Island, better make it fast!

Why Fenwick Island is Named the Third Best Tiny Town

In a recent article review of rankings for top towns and beaches in the US, Delaware was referenced as a southern state, both by territorial markings via the Mason-Dixon line and the state’s cultural way of life. One interviewee stated that the South couldn’t be defined to map markings; the South is a lifestyle and a way of being, socially and recreationally. In addition to rankings for “Best Beaches” was the “South’s Best Tiny Towns category.” Fenwick rested in third, and Lewes came in first. Rankings were based on affordability, spaciousness capacity, and flexibility of rental accommodations. Fenwick Island was chosen given that it is a cheaper alternative to Rehoboth and Bethany Beach’s neighboring towns. Lewes was regarded for its history of Southern pride, including the legend of Blackbeard and the Roosevelt Inlet shipwreck.

Can You Blame Them?

If you had your fair share of beach living at reasonable prices, you wouldn’t want to give that up either. The only way to prevent prices from going up is to keep people and their ideas for expansion out. Some places are too fond of what’s classic to happily welcome change. That’s not a bad thing, as long as you’re a local.

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