Don't Go into New Construction without a Realtor!

Thursday, February 21, 2019   /   by Jay Lesko

Don't Go into New Construction without a Realtor!

So you've begun your Delaware Beaches home search and have been in contact with a local expert on our team.  You find yourself looking at resales in the market and then stumble across numerous new construction communities.  Tempted by the idea, you enter a new construction sales center unrepresented.  

STOP RIGHT THERE!   Did you know that new construction sales reps only represent the builder?  You may hear some enticing phrases like "If you don't use a Realtor I can get you a better deal" or "I can offer you more incentives without a Realtor."   THIS COULDN'T BE MORE FALSE!

The truth is builders account for commissions paid to Realtors out of a separate budget.  Each home has a Realtor commission factored into the home price.  Since Realtors are there to protect their clients interests, builders that view a Realtors representation as a check and balance are more inclined to try to get the buyer to come unrepresented.  It sounds counterintuitive, but it happens more than you think.  

So why would a new construction sales rep make mention of not having representation from a Realtor?  First, this should immediately raise your eyebrows.  Could you imagine going to court for a major case against you without an attorney?  Your attorney is there to guide you through the legal framework and protect your interests.  It's no different when buying a new construction home.  Realtors protect your financial interests and likely have additional information on builders including: pending litigation; testimonials from past and current homeowners; warranty repair statistics; documented policies and procedures on quality standards and our favorite new construction term, " Builder Tolerances". 

Realtors get their clients the best deals, know the market, and pull comparable new construction homes to ensure buyers are making an informed financial decision.  Builders care about one thing; selling their product.  A Realtor acts as an independent party to assist you in the home-buying process whether you seek to purchase a resale or build your next home.  It's quite simple, going unrepresented into new construction results in buyers overpaying for their homes.  

The Lesko to the Beach Group of Keller Williams Realty is here to assist you on your new construction home search.  We have a dedicated interactive location on Route 26 in Ocean View that provides community comparisons for all new construction communities.  We use this as triage area for buyers looking to build their Delaware Beach Home.  Instead of walking into dozens of new construction sales centers, buyers have the tools and resources available to them in one location that offers representation.  

Contact us today to learn how we can get you the best deal on new construction and remember, Don't go in to a new construction sales office without a Realtor!