Family-friendly places to live in Maryland

Monday, July 19, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Family-friendly places to live in Maryland

Family-friendly places to live in Maryland

Within the Mid-Atlantic region of the US lies Maryland- a relatively family-friendly state with a plethora of different areas, nicknames, and cultures. 

The name Maryland was adopted from the English queen Henrietta Maria- wife of King Charles I. 

With over 24 different counties, and the largest city in the entire United States (Baltimore), Maryland unsurprisingly comes with a lot of variety. 

If you are currently looking to purchase a home in the state of Maryland for you or your family, you have come to the right place.

The capital city of the state of Maryland is known as Annapolis- the county seat of Anne Arundel County. Maryland’s population is roughly 6.1 million according to 2021 government data- making it the 18th most populous state in the entire nation. 

Below we will critically analyse the prominent state’s most family-friendly places to live, taking into account property prices, infrastructure, health, and crime statistics in the process. 

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1.Baltimore – The Charm City

Whether you are interested in permanently moving into Maryland or not, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the infamous Baltimore City.

Home of the hit-show, The Wire, Baltimore is actually the largest independent city in the entire United States of America.

Baltimore has a plethora of different nicknames- including The Charm City and the City of Neighbourhoods.

It was originally established in the early 18th century (Constitution of Maryland) and it is located roughly 37 miles northeast of Washington DC. 

Baltimore has over 100 districts, which tends to mean that- regardless of your social and economic status, you will always find an area that is suitable to your needs and wants. 

It is also the place where America’s largest ever festival (to this day) takes place annually; this was actually the reason for its aforementioned nickname, the ‘Charm City’. 

In relation to family-friendly real estate, Baltimore indubitably provides a plethora of options. 

This is likely significantly impacted by the fact that the city of neighbourhoods remains an entirely independent city. The importance of state-wide reliability and accountability is by no means a secret within the real estate market. 

Baltimore is also a very good option for young couples and solo professionals that are looking to invest into a property or permanently relocate into the state of Maryland. This is because the city’s: education system, amenities, health care industry, and infrastructure, are among the best in the state.

The job industry is also thriving in Baltimore; in recent years, this has meant that the city has acted as a valuable alternative to the nearby states that entail a significantly higher cost of living- including San Francisco.

2.Ocean City, MD

If you’re currently debating what area to move to within the state of Maryland, you will undoubtedly have considered Ocean City as one of your top choices. 

This is particularly true for those that are looking to purchase luxury properties- especially near the sea or the beach. 

Ocean City’s cap rate- which has been calculated by measuring the total gross rental income of the area’s real estate market and then subtracting and dividing the consequent value by the total cost of purchasing a rental, was roughly 5% in 2021. 

The mean price of  a house in Ocean City is a little less than $300,000 (which brings in around $30,000 per annum if rented). 

This number may be a bit misleading for buyers looking to purchase top-quality luxury estate, however, as the price range for that is pragmatically at least $2,000,000. 

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3.Frederick, MD

After Baltimore, the second largest city in the entire state of Maryland is known as Frederick. 

The area’s thriving job and real estate markets have further spiked demand for the area for families looking to relocate. 

Frederick is very highly valued among real estate investors- particularly the ones looking to invest in long-term projects, and this is mainly because of the vigorously powerful infrastructure that the area adopted in the last couple of years, as well as due to the ample entertainment opportunities that are available. 

Another reason is Fredick’s highly accessible nature, which allows it to serve as a perfect location for the families or individuals that do not mind commuting to work every morning.

The average price for a property in Frederick is around a quarter of a million dollars, with the mean rental income being approximately $15,000 as of 2021. 

4.Rockville, MD

Rockville’s popularity has spiked in recent years- particularly among families looking to relocate. 

The area’s unparalleled infrastructure, welcoming community, and booming job market has meant that a lot of young professionals have also shown a shift towards the area- particularly those interested in the Software, Engineering, and Technology job sectors. 

Rockville also ‘houses’ a plethora of university campuses, healthcare centers and hospitals, shopping malls, and clubs and bars for those interested in a chaotic nightlife experience. This means that the area is perfectly built so as to allow practically anyone to relocate there.

Having said that, it should be duly noted that the area is particularly popular among families. 

The aforementioned high demand coupled with the fact that over 55% of residents own their own property unsurprisingly means that Frederick’s property prices are slightly higher than the national average. 

For example, the mean price of a property in Rockville is roughly half a million dollars. If rented on an annual basis, this would bring in around $20,000 in rental income. 

Whilst this may be a high figure, the average annual household income in Rockville is way above the national average of $64,000 (currently sitting at just over $100,000).

Finally, (just like Frederick) Rockville is also highly accessible geographically. In fact, it is exceptionally close to the Washington DC area- which can mean easy and quick commutes to work for some individuals whilst maintaining a much lower holistic cost of living (albeit at the inconvenient cost of having to commute to work every day). 

5.Columbia –The Best Places to Live in the United States?

Columbia is popular for its highly efficient: public sector, housing market, infrastructure, entertaining amenities, and inclusive culture. 

In fact, Columbia is regularly regarded as one of the best areas for families to live in the entire US (not just in the state of Maryland). 

It is situated within Howard County and is widely known for being one of the most influential and large cities in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. 

Despite its significant size and global popularity, Columbia’s exceptionally low crime rates in comparison to national statistics have crowned it as a family home haven in recent years- a fact that has understandably proliferated the rise in average house prices in the area. 

The mean house property price in Columbia is roughly $350,000 dollars. If rented annual, it derives a rental income stream of almost $20,000 per year.  

From a holistic standpoint, Columbia is definitely one of the best family-friendly areas to live in within Maryland. Its unparalleled quality of life standards, low crime rate, and inclusive environment leave little to be desired for the aspiring families who are currently looking to relocate.  

Final Words

The state of Maryland unequivocally offers a plethora of family-friendly places to live in. 

Whether you are currently a family interested in potentially relocating, simply planning for the future, or just looking to invest in some prime real estate, Maryland is unlikely to disappoint.

Having said that, readers should keep in mind that- regardless of our above rankings, ranking an absolute ‘best’ location unilaterally can be extremely difficult- particularly as persons desired specificities and wants will vary greatly, and so individual research remains a must.

Thank you for reading!

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