Homes for Sale Rehoboth Beach DE

Wednesday, June 16, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Homes for Sale Rehoboth Beach DE

Homes for Sale Rehoboth Beach DE Here

Looking for a beach town with a small town vibe, but all the amenities of a beach resort? Rehoboth Beach may just be what you are looking for. Featuring a main street complete with shops, boutiques, ice cream parlours and family dining this is a great place for your salt water taffy fix. 


Featuring a long boardwalk complete with amusement parks and carnival games, Rehoboth Beach is a great place to kick back and relax. Whether you are looking for an investment property, second home or a beach getaway, this mid-Atlantic beach community has something on offer for everyone. 


The nation’s summer capital is a year-round tourist attraction as well as a great place to live. This sleepy little beach town used to become vacant after school started back up, but things changed and Rehoboth Beach has since added many retail shopping locations and places to pursue outdoor entertainment.

What is it like living in Rehoboth Beach, DE?

Being a family orientated, middle to upper class ocean resort town in Delaware, residents benefit from the low property taxes. This inclusive community is welcoming towards our friends from the LGBTQ comminity. The average per capita income in the area during 2018 was determined to be $135,271 and the average annual income for a family of four hovers around the $541,084 mark. Most adults living in the area (67.97%) hold a four year degree. 


Many wealthier inhabitants treat Rehoboth Beach as a part-time summer beach getaway. The area has many fine restaurants and healthy activities. Go to the health spa for a rejuvenating treatment, visit a top orthodontist for Invisalign or rock a brand new hairstyle, all within the comfortable confines of Rehoboth Beach.  


In addition the area is home to “urban sophisticates.” These are educated, wealthy executives and professionals who have urbane tastes in lifestyle and leisure activities. They tend to frequent live theatre, the opera, symphonies and museums. Due to the nautical nature of Rehoboth Beach visitors who enjoy the scenery and various waterfront activities flock to the area, creating an interesting blend of sophisticated urbanite that has an appreciation for nature. 


The closest airport is a little over 35 miles away, which is the Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport. There are no casinos in Rehoboth Beach, which adds to the wholesome environment present in the community. Retired business owners from DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore who want to escape the pressures of city life find themselves opening up shop at the beach. With little to no pollution and no heavy industrial presence these idyllic, clean beaches are a year-round playground filled with advantages. 

Are there advantages to living in Delaware?

Apart from the many tax perks that Delaware is famous for, the location is pretty favorable as well. Sitting on the I-95 and the Amtrak line in the heart of the northeast corridor with all the commercial, cultural and recreational attractions a mere 2 hours southwest of NYC (even less by train), 30 minutes southwest of Philadelphia, 1 hour northeast of Baltimore and 2 hours northeast of Washington D.C. 


Cost of living is another overlooked advantage. In spite of location and ease of access the cost of living is quite low, even when compared to nearby Philadelphia. This is due to the low housing and property taxes as well as the absence of sales tax. 


The small, tight-knit community maintains its identity and small town intimacy despite sitting smack in the middle of the northeast corridor, offering a good blend of urban, suburban and rural lifestyles. 


While Delaware may not have the grand vistas of the deserts and mountains of the west, there are lushous parks and conservation lands around the Brandywine River and the White Clay Creek. The rolling farmlands and wooded hills of these valleys are worth experiencing while the state parklands, greenways and bike/pedestrian trails give access to little secret nooks filled with nature’s bounty. 

What is the house value in Rehoboth Beach?

Of the more than 760 homes and apartments available in Rehoboth Beach, the vast majority are single-family, 3 bedroom homes that date from the 1970’s to present day constructions.

The average market rent will set you back $1532 per month and the greater majority of residents are homeowners.

With a median home value of $1,287,086 some of the highest appreciating neighborhoods in Rehoboth Beach since 2000 includes Bayard Ave / Stockley St, Bay Vista and Henlopen Acres. Let’s take a quick look at Henlopen Acres. 


Henlopen Acres

With a median real estate price hovering around $463,740 and average rental at $1,715, Henlopen Acres is classified as a suburban neighborhood based on population density.  Henlopen Acres is primarily made up of 3 or 4 bedroom homes and apartment complexes. Many of the residences in this area were built in 2000 or more recently. Vacant apartments or homes are a common occurrence in Henlopen Acres.

It is estimated that the real estate vacancy rate hovers around 44%, which means that a relatively large percentage of housing is seasonally occupied. A notable aspect of Henlopen Acres is that it has some of the lowest rates of children living in poverty of any neighborhood in the US. This statistic becomes even more remarkable when one realizes that up to 1 in every 6 children lives in poverty in the US. 

In this neighborhood more than half of the working population are employed in executive, professional and management occupations. Sales and service jobs make up the second most important occupational group in the Henlopen Acres neighborhood. Residents in the clerical, assistant, tech support, manufacturing and laborer occupations are less frequently present.  


Adding to the unique flavor present in Henlopen Acres, residents identify their ancestry as German, English, Irish, Italian and some hints of Polish. 

How can I entertain the family in Rehoboth Beach, DE?

Whether you are looking to become a part-time resident or are in the process of purchasing your dream home, Rehoboth Beach offers loads of family-oriented entertainment. Have some fun in the sun at the Thunder Lagoon Waterpark. Soak up glorious sun rays while relaxing in the 400 foot themed Lazy River with interactive water gadgets while younger kids can splash it out in their very own 800 square foot kiddie pool. Thrill seekers may want to try out the Black Hole Body Slide as well as the Twister slide. You can ride with your kids on this one and enjoy their squeals of fun. After an eventful day in the waterpark one can wind down and take in the scenic beauty of the surrounding area via pontoon. 


Sand Dollar Cruises offer daily trips around Rehoboth Bay and Rehoboth/Lewes Canal. Onboard one can experience stunning nature scenes, delectable waterfront restaurants, draw bridges, marinas and jaw-dropping multi million dollar homes. Delaware’s one and only Cycleboat is sure to leave you with a memorable experience.


Fear not! Rehoboth offers more than just water-based attractions to entertain families. Good, old-fashioned family fun in the form of state parks, basketball parks, bike trails, museums, horseback riding and even farm tours offers youngsters and adults alike many outlets for their spare energy. 


For the 2021 school year, there is one public school serving 468 students in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The area has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Delaware. 

Rehoboth Elementary School is one such top ranked public school. The school is placed in the top 20% of all schools in Delaware for overall test scores for the 2017-18 school year. 62% of students are proficient in math while 76% achieved reading/language proficiency. With a student to teacher reaction of 12:1 it is worth noting that this is lower than the Delaware State average of 15 students to one teacher. 


Overall Impressions

A decidedly while-collar city, with most of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs, telecommuters make up a relatively large percentage of the workforce. Another notable thing is that Rehoboth Beach is a very popular vacation destination, making a significant portion of the population seasonal in nature. During the vacation season a large influx of people take up residence in their second homes in the area, but the population tapers off again as the vacation season comes to a close leaving behind a smaller, quieter city in which the family environment truly shines. 

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