Is Bethany Beach or Rehoboth Better?

Monday, July 19, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Is Bethany Beach or Rehoboth Better?

Is Bethany Beach or Rehoboth Better?
Delaware is known for its beautiful beaches, but which one is the best for you?
Exploring the differences, locations, and prominent features of the most fabulous beaches in the state of Delaware

Delaware’s beaches can provide the epitome of a fun and memorable family experience, but they are by no means unfavourable to younger individuals or couples looking for a chaotic nightlife encounter. 

Bodysurfing, swimming, and enjoying Funland’s carnival games are just a few of the activities that you can partake in whilst you are here. Later in the night, you may want to drive south to the location that features a plethora of free concerts- the bandstand area of Bethany Beach. 

Besides the prominent Delaware beaches, the state of Delaware has a very high number of locations and events to visit. 

You may want to stroll around on long hikes just to catch the perfect sunset or viewpoint with your partner, or perhaps encapsulate yourself in the deep and visceral history of Lewes. Regardless, Delaware seldom leaves visitors wanting more. 

Overall, it is very hard not to fall in love with Delaware’s beaches. With unparalleled dining experiences, mouth-watering treats, and tax-free shopping, there’s not much to not like. 

But which Delaware beach provides the best experience? Keep reading below to find out.

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Rehoboth Beach

Even on the most cold days, it’ll be hard to walk across Rehoboth Beach without finding persons taking seaside walks in the area. 

In the summer particularly, this area is always thriving, with the population of the town of Rehoboth Beach spiking up by over 23,000 people (from 1,500 during off-season times). 

In fact, the Rehoboth Beach usually attracts visitors from all walks of life- including teens, couples, friend groups, families, and retirees. Most individuals here on vacation are usually easily spotted due to their ‘uniforms’- holding chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and- of course, beach towels.

In town, the actual beach begins at the prominent boardwalk and spans 275 ft towards the high-tide line. 

The broad and wooden structure of the boardwalk follows the beach for one whole mile. It entails a plethora of local restaurants and seaside shops, as well as hotels. The aforementioned boardwalk fixture known as ‘Funland’ also opens up around lunch time, giving residents and visitors alike a breath of fresh air from the beach.

Rehoboth is a public beach, and so there is no cost of entrance. It also has no facilities, showers, or bathrooms which require a fee, meaning individuals can schedule a quite affordable vacation in the area. 

Metered parking is additionally provided at the Convention Center a few hundred meters from the Rehoboth beach, which can be extremely convenient for visitors in the busy summer season.

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Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is known for being one of Delaware’s only quiet resorts. This means that the traffic jams and chaotic nature of Rehoboth Beach will seldom be found here.

In the core of Bethany Beach you can find a stunning shopping district; its homey and calming outsphere can indubitably provide a pleasant alternative to Rehoboth Beach, particularly for families or individuals who are not interested in experiencing an explosive nightlife. 

Having said that, we by no means want you to think that Bethany Beach is not populated with a high number of people. During its busy summer season, its population spikes to over 20,000 (from 1,000 permanent residents). 

The area’s association to a more quiet and peaceful holiday is actually because, out of the 19,000 visitors, most of them are families. 

The beautiful one-mile-long public beach is usually packed with a prolific amount of family activity- involving picnics, sandcastle building, and bodyboarding. 

The very early mornings and late evenings are usually when the beach’s lifeguards are off duty, meaning that a lot of the older children, teens and young adults use this time to carelessly ride their surfboards or kayak on the ocean’s crystal clear water. 

Families can also regularly be found strolling across the Bethany boardwalk in the evenings. Whilst a bit narrower than the Boardwalk found in Rehoboth Beach, it includes a much bigger bandstand area at Atlantic Avenue, where free concerts are the expectation- especially during the summer.

The boardwalk is also the home of a prolific number of amenities- including shops and restaurants, and a variety of different luxury houses and condos. 

On Mondays, family-rated movies are displayed on the Beach as well, reinforcing the previously discussed ‘family feel’ of Bethany Beach.

Similarly to Rehoboth Beach, the beach found in Bethany is entirely public (and therefore completely for free). Its visitors tend to only stay a couple of days, which may be indicative of its detoxing atmosphere. 

The only real downside of Bethany Beach compared to Rehoboth is that there are no showers or changing facilities near the beach. Consequently, families will commonly have to leave the beach in their wet gear before later returning to experience the unrivaled amenities of the boardwalk. 

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Notable Mentions: Other Delaware Beaches 

Generally speaking, Reheboth and Bethany Beach are considered the two most popular beaches in the state of Delaware (with Bethany taking the slight lead among Real Estate investors). 

Having said that, there are undoubtedly a plethora of other notable mentions, which we have discussed below. 

Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park can provide an unparalleled experience if you are interested in pursuing outdoor extracurricular activities. It is located just north of Rehoboth Beach, and entails not one, but two beautiful beaches. 

Moreover, the plethora of biking and hiking trails available- coupled with the area’s basketball and golf courts, can provide a much needed alternative to the beach (both in the summer and in the winter). 

There are lifeguards on duty (between the weekend of Memorial Day and Labour day), and it offers a full list of: showers, restrooms, bathhouses, and even umbrella rentals. This is particularly convenient for families or individuals interested in organising quick, short term vacations.

Visitors tend to love the welcoming and graceful picnic areas the most, with the World War II observation tower which tourists can climb coming in in a close second place.

The Fort Miles Historic Site includes an old bunker which is very popular amongst the individuals who are interested in learning or revising their history.

Persons are also free to rent out boats and kayaks, allowing for an increasingly immersive experience at a relatively low price.

Cape Henlopen State Park also notably has Delaware’s most accessible beaches- providing handicap access in a variety of different intervals.

Broadkill Beach

Broadkill Beach can be a great place for you if you are looking to enjoy some summer beach fun whilst avoiding large crowds. 

It is only 40 minutes north of Rehoboth Beach by car along Route 1, meaning it won’t take a whole day of travelling either. 

On the beach you can find a mouth-watering snack shack on one end, as well as portable toilets and showers with no entry fee. 

Parking, whilst present, is very limited, and in fact is likely one of the main reasons for the beach’s low number of visitors.

Broadkill beach offers similar activities to the ones mentioned above, including but not limited to: kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, sandcastle building, and sea sports. 

It also provides easy access to the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, a fact which is likely to be very tempting for those interested in stunning photography, wildflowers, and bird-watching.


Fenwick Island State Park Beach

The Fenwick Island State Park Beach rests between the Atlantic Ocean and the Little Assawoman Bay. It is over three miles long and offers a plethora of relaxing and fun activities. 

The park is ‘guarded’ by regular lifeguards between 9am and 5pm, and provides large changing rooms, showers, snack stands, and gift shops for the majority of the day as well. 

Once again, this is quite convenient for tourists looking for an organised, short stay vacation, particularly during the hectic summer season.

Visitors will also find designated surfing areas. This is rather surprising, as it is a very rare characteristic in the state of Delaware. Comfortable fishing spots along the water are also provided, albeit only for the individuals that hold valid fishing licenses. 

Some of the park’s beaches are wheelchair accessible thanks to park-provided matts, but this is seldom the case. 

Paddleboards and kayaks can also be provided on a rent out basis with the option of paid sailing lessons. This is great for families looking to take up a new hobby or activity in a professional setting. 


So, the state of Delaware is home to a significantly high number of gorgeous beaches. Choosing a unilateral best beach can indubitably be quite hard, particularly since it is highly  dependent on your individual wants, needs, and circumstances.

Nevertheless, we believe the above list should provide you with enough insights to make your own informed choice. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide! 

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