Ocean City MD Real Estate: Low Pollution Cities

Wednesday, June 16, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Ocean City MD Real Estate: Low Pollution Cities

Unhealthy pollution levels in the majority of U.S cities are the reason why 43% of the population is exposed to higher pollution particles than necessary. These high concentrations of emissions are caused by more than just power plants, cars, and trucks, but are also the result of wildfires, oil and gas drilling, and agricultural pollution.

The quality of the air in most major cities is driving people to areas with lower pollution levels. Bad air quality is identified and defined by a spike in ozone pollution or particulate matter (also known as PM2.5). The limits of these levels are set by the US Environmental Protection Agency because both these forms of pollution are linked to several health risks, including respiratory diseases and delayed development in children.

The US enacted the Clean Air Act in 1970. Since then, the combined emissions of the six most common pollutants have dropped by 73%, and over the last two decades.

US Cities with Clean Air

Pristine air is found in many smaller communities around the US, and some of these have a PM2.5  that is often more than 100% below the EPA standard. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, Vermont, and North Carolina all have cities known for their unpolluted air.

Some of the cleanest air in the US can be found on the island of Hawaii. Even urban Honolulu hit record lows in 2019 measurements, with its average particle pollution being far below average. Juneau in Alaska may have some pollution from the cruise ships that dock in the region, but it still has excellent air quality. Other cities with low PM2.5 include Glenwood Springs in Colorado, Jackson and Evanston in Wyoming, and Springfield in Missouri.

Aberdeen in South Dakota, Fargo and Williston in North Dakota, and Fayetteville in North Carolina are some of the inland cities with excellent air quality.

On the West Coast, cities in Washington have managed to reduce the chemicals and particles found in their air by as much as 16%. Cities like Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue are managing to keep pollution way below the EPA standard, and only have problems when there is smoke from wildfires in the air. Clearlake in California is also rated as one of the top places in California and the US. Unfortunately, they also sometimes have a problem with wildfires, which have unfortunately been getting worse over the years.

Coming closer to the East Coast, cities with clean air include Burlington in Vermont, Springfield and the Boston area in Massachusetts; Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Norfolk in Virginia; and Bangor, Lewiston, and Auburn in Maine.

Baltimore, Columbia, and Towson are the cities in Maryland characterized as those with good air quality. Then again, the area has numerous resort towns that have become popular with both city dwellers looking for a vacation home, retirees looking for a quieter area to settle, and city dwellers working remotely. They also have excellent air quality because of the fresh sea air.

Houses For Sale in Ocean City, MD

For those people wanting to be near the hub of the East Coast and the mid-Atlantic region, Ocean City is a resort town that lies between the Isle of Wight Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The city ranks highly on the overall livability scale. The variants taken into consideration include the cost of living, crime, education (highly rated public schools), and the overall happiness of its residents.

Besides its proximity to New York, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, Ocean City is also close to other coastal cities in Maryland, including Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach. It may be more crowded during the summer months, but it becomes a tranquil community for the rest of the year.

Houses for sale in Ocean City, MD are being grabbed up by New Yorkers looking to move to areas with clean ocean air. Besides looking for a better quality of life, the benefits of living in the area include the warmer autumn months, allowing people to enjoy the ocean well into Fall when the water temperature is around 67 degrees F.

If you are considering finding a house on the coast of Maryland, Ocean City and its area offer more than just a boardwalk and beaches. Residents enjoy various activities like hiking, sports, cultural events, and entertainment throughout the year.

“Anyone looking for houses for sale in Ocean City, MD, should know that the area offers breathtaking views with excellent homes in all price ranges,” according to Jay Lesko, Owner/Realtor of Iron Valley at the Beach. “The city comprises 146 blocks, is the size of Delaware Coast, and offers better value for homes close to the beach than most places.”


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