Ocean City Real Estate

Monday, June 21, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Ocean City Real Estate

Ocean City Real Estate Here

Located in Worcester County, Maryland, Ocean City is the state’s only oceanfront resort. With a population averaging between 7,000 to 8,000 residents, an incredible influx of up to 350,000 visitors per week can take up residence in the top vacation destination on the East Coast. 

Famous for its wooden boardwalk and silky, sandy beach, Ocean City proudly boasts beautiful homes, premier fishing spots, fine dining and the best of local shopping. 

Special Town Ordinances and Safety

The beach is free and open to the public, but the hours after 22:00 PM are reserved for maintenance and beach cleaning activities. No private vehicles are allowed on the beach and for good reason. Ocean City takes safety and the protection of their beaches very seriously, even going to lengths of importing beach sand. 


From May 30th to September 15, from 09:00 AM to 17:30 PM daily, sport activities, ball throwing and frisbees are not allowed on the beach. 


Horsemen and women can enjoy the beach, but will need a special permit. This permit is obtainable from the City Clerk’s Office and a scant $50 secures a whole season of equestrian fun. Riding will be allowed between 06:00 AM and 17:00 PM from November 1st to March 30th. Sleeping on the beach is  prohibited. Pets are allowed on the beach at certain times, but glass and open alcoholic beverages are not allowed. 


When it comes to safety, Ocean City encourages pedestrians to use sidewalks whenever possible. Cyclists are required to obey traffic laws and could receive citations if they fail to obey. A commonly cited offence would be riding against the flow of traffic in the bike lane. To increase visibility a headlight and rear reflector is mandatory for bicycles at night. 

Real Estate

Residential units in Ocean City are located in many different areas throughout the peninsula. Many different styles of condominiums, townhomes and single-family homes can be found in Ocean Block, Indirect Ocean View, Direct Oceanfront, Bayside Interior and Canal & Bayfront. A variety of different architectural styles can be appreciated throughout the city. 


As the most common type of dwelling in Ocean City, it comes as no surprise that over a thousand condo buildings are available in the area. Condos are extremely popular among those looking for a second home or a vacation home and most condos are within a brief 10-minute walk from the beach. Different areas offer variations on condominium living. 


In the Oceanfront there are condo buildings located directly on the beach. This prime location makes these prized condos one of the most desirable in the area and residents can enjoy spectacular views and amenities. 


Ocean Block does not offer direct beach access, but does offer convenient access to both the beach and bay. Canal and Bayfront, located at the opposite side from the oceanfront buildings one can find townhomes and condos that have boat slips assigned to them. While in Bayside Block is considered to be generally less expensive. 


Homes in the area have a median cost of $377,705., relative to some of the most expensive communities in Maryland, Ocean City is offering fair prices. During the past 12 months Ocean City’s appreciation rate was found to be slightly about the national average, slotting in at 6.66% per annum. The average monthly rental comes in at about $1,300.

Things to Do

As a vacation hot spot, part-time and full-time residents will find plenty to occupy themselves. Head down to the beach and enjoy the buttery soft sand. After working up an appetite why not grab a bite to eat or have a drink. The seafood is particularly scrumptious. 


Another well-known amenity and visitor magnet is the boardwalk. Originally it went by the moniker of Atlantic Avenue. Home to an abundance of food vendors, retail stores, arcades, Jolly Rogers and Trimper’s Rides see to it that visitors and residents are well-fed and well-stimulated. 


Fishermen have long been coming to Ocean City to participate in the famous White Marlin Open. Each year fishermen compete to snag the biggest fish in this tradition that goes on for nearly half a century. Alternatively, you can get your line wet off the Route 50 Bridge or Ocean City Pier. A boat ride will let you hunt for elusive tuna and mahi-mahi in the canyons. 


There are plenty of other outdoor activities visitors and residents of Ocean City can enjoy. Paddle boarding and kayaking are popular activities in the bay and canals, or improve your handicap on one of the numerous golf courses. The waves are ideal for surfing and bodyboarding and there is a designated surf beach in the area. If all else fails, perhaps a game of beach volleyball or a search for elusive wild horses might tickle your fancy instead. 

Community Demographics

Compared to the rest of the United States, residents in Ocean City are wealthy. When compared to the rest of Maryland, the per capita income of $42,371 falls in the middle income range. A family of four would have an estimated annual income of $169,484 and residents hail from a variety of ethnic and racial groups. English is the most common language, but don’t be surprised to find Spanish and Greek as well. 


Most residents are highly educated and around a third hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. The majority are homeowners and many retirees call Ocean City home as well. The area leans toward the conservative side, but forms a tight-knit community. 


While most of the town’s population is seasonal, due to Ocean City’s reputation as being the ultimate beach vacation destination, being a resident is a badge of honor many individuals, families and couples aspire to. The area is safe, but like most other places, the use of good old-fashioned common sense is encouraged. Surfers and beachgoers should be especially wary of riptides. 

Those who choose to lay their roots here will find that this friendly community offers something for everyone to enjoy as well as endless fun in the sun. 

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