These are Some of the Best Places to Live in Delaware

Thursday, July 15, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

These are Some of the Best Places to Live in Delaware

These are Some of the Best Places to Live in Delaware

Delaware is the home of approximately one million U.S. citizens. It is located on the mid-Atlantic coast (where the popular Delaware River meets the endless Atlantic Ocean).

Consequently, Delaware encapsulates a seemingly limitless number of beaches, coves, and bays- including the very popular Rehoboth Beach and Cape Henlopen State Park.

This means that Delaware can be an ideal place to live in for you regardless of whether you are planning to move in solo or with a partner and children, and regardless of whether you are looking for a permanent area of relocation or just a summer vacation home to escape from the horrors of monotony. 

Apart from the breathtaking coastal locations that the state offers, Delaware is renowned for its highly inclusive community feel, which is open to people of all racial and social demographics. 

The state of Delaware also has an interesting history- from both an 18th-century history and from a military perspective. 

Despite having no national parks, Delaware provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities- including hiking, boardwalk strolls, and fun beach projects.

In finding the unequivocally best areas to live in Delaware at the moment, we have taken a look and examined the quality of different areas’: public schooling, job industries, real estate markets, crime rate, and infrastructure.  


The small city of Lewes has a population of just under 3,000 people and is located near the Delaware Bay. 

Its homey and cheerful atmosphere has in the past meant that Lewes is often described as a small town- albeit on paper it is definitely a city.

House prices in Lewes are quite affordable when accounting for the area’s close proximity to the Delaware Bay, and its robust schooling, healthcare and community.

At the moment, the average rent in Delaware is only $20 over the national average- making quite an insignificant difference for most individuals.

Crime rates are also a bit higher than some of the other Delaware areas, but this is mostly a result of post-party negligent driving in the summertime. 

Overall, Lewes is extremely safe, and its luscious food, local communities, and welcoming atmosphere, undoubtedly make it one of the best places to live in Delaware at the moment.

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North Star

North Star has been repeatedly voted as one of the best places to live in Delaware, and this is rather unsurprising. The location’s: brilliant education system, thriving job market, and unparalleled nightlife leave little to be desired.

Residents are also provided with a plethora of great commuting options- which make North Star a very flexible place of residence. Philadelphia, for example, provides an even bigger job market (in a variety of sectors) and is located just one hour away. 

The cost of living in North Start is also quite reasonable, but the house prices are slightly higher than the national U.S. average. For comparison purposes, the median home in North Star (valued at roughly $430,000) is approximately 2.5 times greater than the national average. 

Quite interestingly, 98% of residents in North Star live in owned homes- this may explain the higher than average house prices.

Having said that, North Star’s thriving community remains a very small area population size, housing just over 7,500 people. 


Hockessin has a population of just over 13,000 people, and it is known for being one of the most safe and happy-going places in Delaware. 

Most residents are massive proponents of the area’s benefits, particularly for families. This is because it offers an astounding number of 14 different public schools, including specialist arts institutions and science-focused platforms.

The atmosphere is friendly, the schools are of top-quality, and the plethora of local shops make Hockessin a very engaging area. 

Rent is higher than the national average, but this is really for Delaware as a whole rather than just Hockessin- where the average tenant is paying approximately $20,500 per annum on rent. 

Regardless, the quality of both: the Hockessin community, and the housing means that the price remains very tempting for most individuals- with the value for money remaining quite high in comparison to other parts of America.

Pike Creek

Pike Creek is another fabulous choice. It’s particularly good for individual’s interested in raising families, as well as investing in the real estate market. 

This is because house prices in the area are quite affordable, coming in at just over $300,000. Whilst this figure remains nothing to scoff at, it's notably cheaper than North Star and some other alternatives which are further discussed below. 

Pike Creek also has the added benefit of communal flexibility, with the thriving Philadelphia job market being situated just an hour away.

It also provides a lot of opportunities for the individuals who are interested in carrying out outdoor activities. This is because Pike Creek is home to both: a) the White Clay Creek State Park, and b) the Middle Run Valley Natural Area. Both are great for afternoon hikes and post-work adventures with the family or with friends.

Pike Creek additionally performs quite well in the education department, with public schools performing well above the national average.

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Greenville has been ranked as one of the best suburbs in the state of Delaware for Millennials- this poses interesting questions in relation to the exact demographic constitution of Greenville a couple of decades from now.

The north of Greenville houses the prominent Wilmington Country Club. This is a very popular hangout area for both locals and visitors, and even serves as a place that facilitates business relationships. The best thing about the club is that it welcomes individuals from all types of social and economic demographics- leaving no one feeling left out.

Greenville is another area with house prices which exceed the national average, but like we previously pointed out this is pretty much for most of Delaware. Nevertheless, the area’s perks have meant that it is still a very in-demand location for many, with the mean home price exceeding $620,000. 

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach may be the most famous area on this list- especially to international tourists.

Despite its size, the small suburb is highly sought after, providing unparalleled sunset views, crystal clear beaches, and a variety of areas to hike in.

Despite Rehoboth Beach’s close proximity to the Atlantic coast, the weather remains quite favourable for most of the year, a fact which attracts many tourists (particularly in the summertime).

Similarly to Hockessin, Rehoboth Beach has retained a warm and welcoming community to this day. The city centre entails many family-friendly cafes and restaurants, and the area’s luscious salt water taffy never disappoints.

The only real negative of living in Rehoboth Beach is the exorbitant house pricing. For example, the average house value currently exceeds $800,000, which in most pragmatic cases goes well into 7 figures. 


Middletown is known for its charming and welcoming nature. One of the most interesting points of the area is Saint Anne’s Church; its red door coupled with its blue clock face have undoubtedly represented the epitome of the community’s character for years.

The location is also known for having some of the best educational institutions in Delaware, and the crime rate is exceptionally low. These feats have made Middletown very favourable for parents with younger children.

Lastly, albeit having an above average cost of living, its convenient and accessible commuting travel links make it a very good choice of residence in comparison to not only Delaware, but the entire U.S.

Average house prices are also decently cheaper in comparison to the aforementioned areas, coming in at approximately $200,000.


Newark is better known for its seemingly endless acres of greenery, but the small Delaware city unsurprisingly has a lot more to offer.  Rittenhouse Park, for example, is a very popular sport for locals and tourists alike. 

Schools in Newark are also very competitive- especially when compared to the national average. Albeit not as good as North Star, this is definitely something that parents reading will want to keep in mind. 

The city is also very convenient for the individuals who are not dismayed by having to commute to their place of work. A short 15 minute drive, for example, will easily get you to Wilmington. 

In the one hour of driving range, you get access to Baltimore, Maryland, and Philadelphia- known for being job market havens. 

Highland Acres

Highland Acres may be a very attractive and lucrative option for individuals looking for an affordable place. 

It currently holds approximately 4,000 residents, and its small yet active and robust community has ensured that it has become an increasingly desired location for parents.

The perfect and consistent year-round weather is another big selling point of Highland Acres. The area’s: prolific access to excellent schooling systems, top-quality infrastructure, and close proximity to the beach undeniably makes it very hard to resist. 


Bellefonte is a great area for the individuals or families who are looking to save a significant portion of their money, whilst still living in Delaware. 

The city has been ranked as the number one best place to currently purchase a property in Delaware for relatively low-income individuals or families. 

The average rent in the area is approximately £830 per month- roughly $100 less than the national average. 

The city also provides a very cosy and ‘old school’ feel, which can help ensure a  smooth transition process for the individuals who are looking to move into a totally new area on their own.

Final Words

Above we have provided our own personalised list of the best places to live in the whole of Delaware. We hope you enjoyed reading.

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