US Real Estate Investment Analysis: Delaware VS Florida

Wednesday, June 16, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

US Real Estate Investment Analysis: Delaware VS Florida

The post-pandemic lifestyle hosts a wide variety of factors that can influence individuals' decisions to relocate. Compared to pre-Covid times, many people looked at basic needs which each state has to offer. But as the environment around lockdown restrictions and pandemic-related instances start to change, many are now considering factors such as work-from-home opportunities, better public health, and more affordable and valuable property investments. 

Both Delaware and Florida can offer an abundance of social and lifestyle benefits to their residents. The recent increase in property investment in the US, and lower mortgage interest rates have seen wealthier individuals and families in large cities find the ease of mind in smaller, less populated cities in Delaware and Florida. Compared to a decade or so ago, Delaware seemed like a last resort for many property buyers, but now cities in the state are looking more attractive than ever before. 

An overview of living in Rehoboth, DE.

Let’s not forget that Delaware has the #1 tax benefits in the US, compared to other states. With a zero percent local and state sales tax, Delaware also offers a better lifestyle change, depending on where you reside. 

Rehoboth Beach in Sussex County, a quaint seaside town has recently been revived thanks to lower personal property taxes, and increased demand in real estate, both residential and commercial. The small population of Rehoboth, of roughly 1218 people allows individuals to feel safer, and more integrated with the community. On average, population growth has seen some increase, and median property values stand at $605,000. The town offers an extremely relaxed environment, but younger populations might find it too quiet and a bit boring to live in permanently. 

An overview of living in Jensen Beach, FL. 

With its year-round sunny weather and beautiful beaches, Florida offers some of the most relaxing and tropical towns in the southern US. 

For residents living and looking to move to Jensen Beach, a small town of 14,500 residents, this town offers more than just a beach and great scenery. Compared to Rehoboth, the median property value is around $295,000, but a recent decrease in unemployment in the area has put it in competition with other similar cities in Florida. On average, Jensen Beach offers great job opportunities, but the high risk of natural floods and hurricanes can hinder many people from relocating there. 

Public safety and crime 

Of course, many people consider the safety of their homes and families when looking to move out of the city. Crime rates in larger metropolitan areas have increased as lockdown restrictions are starting to ease. Compared to the US national average, running on a scale of 1 (lowest crime) to 100 (highest crime), we compared these two beach towns. 

Rehoboth Beach

Considering the size of Rehoboth Beach, the small town has a low violent crime rating of 29.2 in comparison to the national average of 22.7. More so, residents are seeing a significant decrease in petty theft and crimes, while other larger metro areas close by may have a fluctuating crime rate year-by-year. 

Jensen Beach 

According to recent crime statistics, Florida state has seen a decrease in local crimes such as robbery, murders, and property crimes. Unfortunately, the reality is that Jensen Beach is ranked 26.5 for violent crime, above the national average of 22.7. Property crime is even higher at 52, whereas the national average is 35.4. 

Which is a better choice? 

Homes for sale in Rehoboth Beach, DE are becoming a better property investment for the long term. As many residents have noted, more cultural attractions are coming to life in many parts of the town. Additionally, Rehoboth’s median age of 67.4 it’s the perfect blend for just about any person. Even if Rehoboth Beach isn’t your first choice, Bethany Beach will cater to your specific needs. Jay Lesko, owner and realtor of Iron Valley at the Beach named that, ‘Communities developed by Carl M. Freeman include; Sea Colony, The Preserve, and The Cove.’ Offering very lucrative real estate investment opportunities still close to the beach. 

Finally, when looking at Jensen Beach, which has more inhabitants, but fewer cultural attractions, it still offers some of the best weather and beaches in Florida. The median age in Jensen Beach of 52.2 shows that this town has a host of young people and middle-aged individuals. 

Relocating, either to Rehoboth Beach or Jensen Beach isn’t an easy decision. Overall, the lifestyle, and improved living conditions one will find in a town such as Rehoboth Beach makes it a lot more attractive than that of Jensen Beach. Yet, both can offer great beaches, and real estate investment opportunities, it boils down to what you as an individual or family are looking for in a small beach town. 

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