Where is the best place to live in Maryland?

Tuesday, July 13, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Where is the best place to live in Maryland?

Where is the best place to live in Maryland?

Maryland is one of the few states that only has one major city: Baltimore. This can make determining the best places to live in Maryland quite challenging, however the state is filled with lovely towns that are scattered across the diverse and stunning landscape. Rolling hills, pine-covered mountains, sand dunes and beaches provide a feast for the eyes.

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As large popular cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco are becoming increasingly overcrowded, young creatives, remote workers and entrepreneurs are opting to move to less popular, but underrated locations like Chattanooga, Pittsburgh, Richmond and Balimore. 

While Baltimore is by no means small, with an estimated 600,000 residents, it is in the midst of a reinvention. In an article published by The Smithsonian, SEO Consultant Delaware

In an article published in The Smithsonian, travel and leisure writer David Amsden revisits the place of his birth after being away for nearly 20 years. He encountered an interesting mix of old and new. Instead of joining the rat race in larger cities, young professionals have opted to head to Baltimore where their money can go a bit further. It is a city geared towards young professionals looking to make change and is recommended for those interested in living close to major East Coast cities. A short 30-minute drive will bring you to Washington D.CPhiladelphia is located an hour away, while New York City is two hours’ drive away. Hubspot Consultant Hubspot Expert
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Takoma Park

A stone’s throw from Washington D.C with a liberal and free character harbors a surprising number of nature lovers and solar power advocates. Residents are passionate about creating a municipality that is a “nuclear-free zone.” A myriad of hot yoga studios, vintage clothing shops, vinyl record stores and vegetarian restaurant options lend credence to the “hippie vibe” prevalent in the area. Perfect for free-spirited individuals looking to live in a smaller town, but with close proximity to larger cities. It is an area of vegetarians, peaceful yogis and nature lovers. 

Overall Takoma Park is a comfortable, beautiful place to live. With abundant trees and greenery, trails and parks nature lovers will find living there satisfying. Those who love shopping are not neglected and a variety of grocery stores, quaint shops and restaurants are available to get that retail fix. 


With a population of just over 6,000 people, Thurmont’s average income rests at around $68,000 while the average house only costs around $229,000. Located between two stunning state parks it is known locally as the “Gateway to the Mountains.” One of the parks it happens to be adjacent to is Cunningham Falls State park which has the latest waterfall in Maryland. With the town also being next to the Catoctin Mountain Park, residents have easy access to the awe-inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains. Thurmont certainly is not for the young professional looking to make a mark. This town lends itself well to nature lovers, remote workers and people looking to retire in a quaint town near the mountains. 

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Frederick, Maryland is bigger than Thurmont and Takoma Park, but still small when compared to Baltimore. An estimated 70,000 individuals call this place home (240,000 when the greater Frederick, Maryland area is taken into consideration). Roughly half of the United States population lives within an 8-hour drive of this unique place. With a nice blend of historic and contemporary influences the downtown area in Frederick is dominated by beautiful old churches, dotting the skyline like masterpieces. 

Old buildings have been repurposed and a beautiful canal runs through the city, flanked by walking and biking paths.The city was named one of the nation’s Distinct Destinations due to the incredible efforts placed on preserving its architecture. 

Located close to three international airports namely Reagan National, Dulles and BWI, Frederick is home to a growing regional airport as well as being located close to two other regional airports. Hagerstown Regional Airport and Gaithersburg Regional Airport expand the travel options available.. 

Due to the prime location near regional and international airports, Frederick is perfect for families and professionals who find themselves needing to do a lot of travelling, but don’t necessarily want to deal with the congested craziness of a big city. Frederick is big enough to provide a variety of activities, but small enough so that one would not end up feeling lost either. 

Final thoughts on the best places to live in Maryland

Maryland is a funky state when it comes to cities and unlike other states there aren’t too many large cities that exist here. As far as the best places to live in Maryland goes, here’s one more unlikely contender to consider: Ocean City. 

Ocean City, Maryland has never looked more inviting than it does right now. The free, buttery beach is a perfect place to reunite and reconnect with family and friends. High-rise apartment buildings and condos are prominent and dot the skyline, giving Ocean City a very urban and beachy feel. With condos dominating the area by the Boardwalk and in Northern Ocean City, the Old Town neighborhood has some stunning Victorian homes on display. With a median home value of around $377,705, average rental will see residents $1,300 out of pocket. 

During the mid 1800’s Ocean City was rumoured to be a small fishing village that was accessible via ferry and stagecoach. By the late 1800’s a railroad gave tourists access to the area, however a possible hurricane (some other natural phenomenon) created the intel that now separates Ocean City from Assateague Island. With a new access point from the bay to the ocean, the area quickly became one of top beach destinations on the East Coast and eventually the White Marlin Capital. 

From sunbathing to sandcastles, fishing and flying colourful kites, Ocean City has proved for years it is the ideal location for a classic summer vacation. Whether you are a first time visitor or full-time resident, the town provides plenty of opportunities to make memories. Generations of Ocean City dwellers have come to love strolling along the boardwalk with a bucket of legendary fries and an ice cream cone, watching the sun set over the bay. 

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