Why Should I Move to Ocean City, MD?

Friday, July 16, 2021   /   by Jay Lesko

Why Should I Move to Ocean City, MD?

Why Should I Move to Ocean City, MD?

Ocean City is an Atlantic resort town found on the eastern shore of the state of Maryland.

During the summertime, prolific tourism ensures that Ocean City transmutes into the second most populated city in the entire Maryland state.

Ocean city has been elected as one of the best places to live in- particularly during the summertime, as a result of the ecstatic nightlife, ample available activities and beach entertainment.

Outside its prominent summer season, Ocean City transforms back into its unpopulated, homey, and welcoming community; its dynamic climate means that it commonly leaves little to be desired for individuals looking for more than just a summer vacation.

If you are looking to move into Ocean City, Maryland, there are undoubtedly a number of considerations you should keep in mind. These include the area’s: cost of living, quality of life, and real estate market pricing.

Ocean City currently houses just over 7,000 permanent residents. The average income in the breathtaking town is roughly $60,000- with the median property value exceeding $325,000. 

Unsurprisingly, given the relatively low house prices in comparison to other nearby areas, roughly 62% of residents own their own homes within Ocean City.

Below we discuss a plethora of the most tempting reasons that may make you want to relocate to Ocean City, Maryland- finishing off by providing local entertainment options and most famous things to do.

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Reasons to Move to Ocean City

Excellent Location

Ocean City is ideally located. It is home to the globally popular Ocean City Boardwalk; it also provides a seemingly limitless amount of luxury real estate, entertainment options, and, of course, boutique shops. 

It is situated right between the Atlantic Coast and the Isle of Wight Bay. This means that access to the lovely island (aside from the mainland) is directly via the Ocean Gateway- the sole way to Ocean City’s most sought-after section.

Consequently, Ocean City is perfect for those looking to purchase a property that’s right by the beach or seaside. Some properties, in fact, are right up to the sand. The town’s close proximity to pretty much everything will mean that, depending on your property, you will likely always remain a walking distance from the prolific amenities and mouth-watering treats of the boardwalk.

Unrivalled Entertainment

The ample entertainment options available within Ocean City pragmatically guarantee that you will never run out of things to do- regardless of the time of the year. 

The beach stretch that constitutes the main area of Ocean City, for example, is filled with exclusive local shops and luscious restaurants, and commonly provides an adequate degree of entertaining activities to all types of individuals- regardless of their age or social status.

Since the early 1900s, the prominent Boardwalk of Ocean City has represented the epitome of social activity and relaxation. Residents and visitors alike regularly indulge in delicious treats, activities, arcades, amusement parks, and- last but definitely not least, the popular Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum. 

The sporting community in Ocean City is also exceptionally large. Aside from the plentiful water sports available, the Ocean Bowl Skatepark- which was the first ever skatepark in the entire East Coast of the United States, has been a stable source of amusement for a plethora of years. 

Locals in the area also regularly enjoy fishing- a fact that has led to the city being nicknamed as the ‘’White Marlin Capital of the World’’- further explored below.

A Competitive Real Estate Market

This point may be of extreme interest to the readers who are potentially looking to relocate in Ocean City permanently, as well as those who are looking to buy their first vacation home in the area.

Ocean City entails a variety of different housing options- going from relatively cheap to exorbitantly expensive, from apartments and condos to single-family homes and stunning seaside luxury properties, you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

The city generally tends to welcome all sorts of lifestyles and social statuses, and this is unequivocally reflected in their real estate market. 

The aforementioned Ocean City Boardwalk is crowded with a mass of luxury condominium buildings- all perfectly situated to give residents a perfect, eye-catching view of the endless Atlantic Ocean.

The area also sees a significant amount of sea-side cabins and apartment buildings. These tend to be much more affordable, despite their indubitably robust condition.

A high number of quieter options are also provided for persons off the island; this may be a very attractive option for you if you are interested in enjoying the nearby amenities of the area without wanting to be in the middle of all the summer chaos. 

Ideal Climate

As briefly touched on above, permanent residents of Ocean City seem to get the best of both worlds in relation to the weather they experience. This is likely because of the area’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

The summer season provides hot and humid temperatures, which provide a perfect way to attract tourists and locals alike to the beautiful Ocean City beaches. 

The cool ocean breezes that follow, on the other hand, ensure that beach dwellers can enjoy the beach-setting for a significant amount of time without being scorched by the relentless heat of the sun.

This is particularly the case when swimming; the duality of the summer’s heat coupled with the ocean’s refreshing nature provides a refreshing feeling of relaxation that is second to none.

The winter time sees a much smaller number of tourists (unsurprisingly), and this allows permanent residents to enjoy a quiet atmosphere of tranquility on the beach without the associated explosive crowdedness of the summer time.

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A Thriving Job Market

Considering its rather small size and ‘celebratory’ atmosphere, Ocean City has a surprisingly high number of job opportunities, in a surprisingly high number of sectors. 

This includes jobs in shopping centres, hotels, motels, and its two massive amusement parks.

Unsurprisingly given its aforementioned nickname, Ocean City is also very prominent within the fishing industry. The residents utilize a variety of different top-quality private and charter boats to catch a variety of different types of fish- including tuna, wahoo, and billfish. 

The rare types of fish that can be found in the area, coupled with Ocean City’s convenient placement along the coast, have inadvertently propelled the fishing industry as one of the largest in the town’s whole economy.

Things to Do in Ocean City

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of fascinating activities and things to do within the thriving culture of Ocean City.

Despite its only 9 mile radius, it's packed with adventure and amusement. At the southern tip, visitors can find the Ocean City Boardwalk- the epitome of amusement, shopping, and socialising since 1902. 

As previously touched on above, the area’s prolific number of restaurants, hotels, arcade units, amusement parks, museums, and unparalleled summer nightlife leave little to be desired.

Ocean City’s famous Life-Saving Station Museum, for example, displays exhibits on: a) rare sea life, b) historic acts of heroism, and c) storms. It also holds unique sand samples from hundreds of different areas around the world.

The White Marlin Capital of the World additionally hosts one of the biggest fishing tournaments (not just in the United States, but in the entire world). This is scheduled for August of every year and attracts an exorbitantly high number of participants.

The area also offers a variety of challenging hiking and birding opportunities, many of which lead to breathtaking, eye catching views that are seldom forgotten.

Quality of Life in Ocean City: A Closer Look

The quality of life in Ocean City, Maryland is of an exceptionally high standard. This is because of the robust housing market- whose prices can vary almost as much as the actual persons in the town itself, the relatively affordable cost of living, and the thriving job market. 

According to government data, for example, the House Affordability Index in Ocean City is 85. The percentage of adults with a 401(k) exceeds 15%, and the unemployment rate is just under 2.7%- more than three times less than the national average. 

The average annual spending on dining out (for lunch) is approximately $1,100.00- which is very affordable relative to the average income of roughly $60,000 per annum.

On the health element, over 93% of the permanent population currently has health insurance- this is way above the national average of roughly 53%. 

A Final Take: What do Locals Absolutely Love to Do

Unsurprisingly, locals and permanent residents tend to enjoy similar activities to the tourists. This means shopping, dining out, and socialising among the vivid Ocean City nightlife.

In the winter, the relatively low number of visitors ensure that Ocean City inadvertently adopts a much more tranquil and relaxing setting- involving a significant amount of fishing, hiking, and visiting the many amenities that the city has to offer. 

Overall, Ocean City is undoubtedly one of the best places to purchase a property in the state of Maryland. Whether you are looking to buy your future property for retirement, your new vacation home, or just a place to live and work in, Ocean City is unlikely to disappoint. 

We hope you enjoyed reading. 

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