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Fenwick Island is a small coastal town of Sussex County, Delaware. The town has steadily grown this past decade, proving that it has much to offer. Its population of 505 enjoy peace, while also having access to the more cosmopolitan and lively towns of Ocean City, Maryland, and Rehoboth Beach.

Situated on a narrow strip of land that separates the Atlantic Ocean from Assawoman Bay, Fenwick Island was named after Thomas Fenwick. This planter had settled in Maryland from England and was granted the right to the land by Lord Baltimore. Even though Fenwick never lived on the land, he did live in the County. He served as Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, and Register of Wills before he died in 1708 in the town of Lewes.

Is Fenwick Island a good place to live?

Fenwick Island is considered a good place to live since it has a good climate, good schools, and a peaceful lifestyle with a low crime rate. The climate on the Delaware coast is generally pleasant, making it the ideal place to live. The months of September, October, and May have far better weather conditions than most states.

The demand for homes in the southern coastal area of Delaware continues to rise. Fenwick Island is increasingly becoming popular with younger people because it offers good education and similar job opportunities to the rest of the country. Another factor that attracts people to the town is its proximity to larger metropolitan areas on the East Coast, its beautiful beaches, and the beautiful natural scenery found in the surrounding area.

City dwellers looking for a second home are the ones causing a spike in home buying in the area. This indicates the town has become desirable with younger families. According to real estate figures from Sussex County agents, they have seen an increase of 30% in home sales over the last year.

The brisk sales have also resulted in a shortage of homes, pushing up the median home price in the town.

How does the cost of living compare to other cities in Delaware?

Overall, Fenwick Island does have a higher cost of living than is average for the state of Delaware and the USA. If the average USA average is at 100, Delaware is at 102.7, and Fenwick Island at 203.4. Its housing is at 432.7 with a medium-sized home costing about $1,000,400, way above the state and USA median of $231,000 and $231,200.

Generally, in Delaware people can expect to pay more for groceries, some utilities, and health. Transportation is the only commodity costing less than the state and country average.

What is there to do in Fenwick Island?

Being part of Delaware’s Quiet Resorts area doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to do on Fenwick Island. Besides the ability to enjoy the beach and ocean air, Fenwick is close to many of the other popular beach towns of the area.

Fenwick Island is just north of Ocean City, Maryland, but has fewer crowds. There are far more activities than one would expect to find in a town by the coast. Besides enjoying the sea and sun, residents have a huge variety of activities to choose from.

 Starting from the beach area, which forms part of the Fenwick Island State Park, the activities are endless. There is a beautiful beach boardwalk for those wanting to walk, jog or enjoy the water. Lifeguards are on duty during the high season, including up to Labor Day, to ensure everyone is safe. The 344 acres of the park also include a designated surfing area, and visitors are guaranteed to find a quiet stretch of beach for themselves.

Other attractions people like to visit include the Lighthouse, which was built in 1859, playing mini-golf, go-karting, and other water sports available in the area. These include everything from surf angling, kayaking, paddling, and the six exciting rides at the water slides.

What type of real estate does Fenwick Island have?

Fenwick Island has a variety of home styles to match everyone’s needs, and some multi-million-dollar properties, some with pools. Whether a family is looking for a self-standing home, an apartment, or condos, they are sure to find what they are looking for. Home styles do not just include beach cottages but also include Cape Cod architecture and contemporary designs.

Home price and size trends do change, and this is reflected in the figures from current listings and sales. The average number of bedrooms on demand has dropped from 3.77 bedrooms in February 2021 to 3.27 bedrooms in June of this year. Surprisingly, in the same period, the average number of bathrooms has increased from 3.46 to 3.51.

The median listing price is currently $956,026, reflecting an increase of 33.7% from May 2021 when it was $799,500. On average, homes are selling a few percentage points below their listing price. Currently, Fenwick Island is considered a buyers’ market.

What school options do younger families have?

As mentioned earlier, families that settled in the area have a choice of some good public schools to enroll their children. There are 10 excellent elementary schools in the surrounding area that meet the needs of all younger children. There is a choice of two well-rated middle schools and one high school.

How does Fenwick compare to other cities in the area?

Compared to other cities in Delaware, Fenwick Island has the most expensive property prices. Doverdale is the most affordable with a median listing price of $112.5K. Other popular neighborhoods that are cheaper than Fenwick Island include Ocean City ($399K), Rehoboth ($502K), and Lewes (454.9K).

What is there to do in the area?

Many people consider the coast of Delaware as the ideal place for their summer vacation, but it has a lot to offer all year round. The surrounding parks in the area are ideal for people wanting to enjoy the great outdoors, offering cycling, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities.

Having a more temperate climate than most states, autumn in Delaware means higher temperatures, including the water. That means that people enjoy beach and water sports for longer.

Besides golf, go-karting, and other sports, the area also has an abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to enjoy all year round. For those preferring to shop from department stores, larger cities in the area offer plenty of those. However, Fenwick Island has some great boutique stores with unique items, mostly created locally.

The popular farmers' markets in the area are well supported, and Fenwick also has one of its own. It is held weekly and offerings include locally grown produce and homemade eats. Fenwick Island had also established the Fenwick First Fridays, a monthly event where discounts and promotions are offered at all stores, including restaurants.

Fenwick Island Final Take

One of the reasons more and more younger families are moving to cities like Fenwick Island on the Delaware coast is their proximity to the metropolitan areas of the eastern US. For instance, Washington is just a 2 hour and 37-minute drive away, making it very accessible for people who want to work remotely. This East Coast treasure trove is close to the energy of the bigger cities, yet far enough for everyone to enjoy its serene setting. Even though the city does not have much in the way of transportation, everything is easily accessible. Little Assawoman Bay is just a stone’s throw away, just waiting to be explored. Families have every opportunity to reconnect with nature in this charming area. 

Popular communities in or around Fenwick Island include Bayside Country Club, Lighthouse Lakes, The Refuge at Dirickson Creek and King’s Grant. Fenwick Island has single family homes, apartments and townhouses with all the amenities to meet your needs. For further information regarding Fenwick Island properties for sale, connect with your locally owned and operated Iron Valley realtor today. 

As experienced real estate agents in Fenwick Island, we have an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as the communities, and amenities available in Fenwick.

Fenwick Island DE Real Estate

The hunt for relaxing beach experiences and available public beach access is what draws people to the area of Delaware known for its Quiet Resort towns. One of these popular resorts, located along Delaware’s southern coast, is Fenwick Island. This serene town is situated between Bethany Beach, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland. Fenwick Island is also just a 112.41-mile drive from Washington.

The area’s popularity has grown over the last year because more people are seeking refuge from city life and buying a second home. Fenwick Island, much like the other cities in the area, is close to the Baltimore area and Washington D.C. Properties are now bought for extended uses, offering families the ability to move from one home to the other as their commitments demand.

Fenwick Island’s History

What is unique about Fenwick Island is that it lies right on the Delaware-Maryland state line, and is located on a small peninsula. Fenwick is not only quiet and uncrowded but is also known for having some of the cleanest beaches in the region.

There is much more than just the sea and sand to enjoy in the area. Besides its proximity to the Delaware Seashore State Park and other areas of natural beauty, one of the most popular attractions is the Fenwick Island Lighthouse. The 87-foot-tall towering beacon was built in 1859 and is open to visitors throughout the summer, except on rainy days.

Fenwick Island State Park is the most southern beach in the state of Delaware. It offers three miles of ocean beaches and access to Little Assawoman Bay. What many don’t know is that the Park was once home to the late 1800s Fenwick Island Life-Saving Station. The station provided help for distressed maritime travelers in the area but was lost to a storm in 1962.

This stretch of coastline was also protected during World War II by the fire control tower built on the coastline. The elusive ghost crabs of the area are protected but can be seen through programs offered by park naturalists.

Things To Do in Fenwick

This extremely family-friendly resort town offers some exciting entertainment for everyone. Water activities abound in the area. Visitors and locals have many rivers and bays to choose from for some quiet paddling or challenging kayaking around the Assawoman Bay area. There are six water slides at Thunder Lagoon Water Park for some thrilling waterpark action.

People in the surrounding areas wanting to get away from the crowds often prefer to visit the beaches of Fenwick State Park. The beautiful sandy shoreline of the town stretches for miles. The white sand and pristine beach are too huge to get crowded, and anglers can also enjoy some surf fishing.

This is also a windsurfing paradise, but for those that don’t only dream of the water, there are also other diversions in Fenwick. These include mini-golf and go-karting.

Visitors also have a choice of some delightful beachside bars and restaurants to enjoy their sundowners, coffee, and meals. The area is known for its clams, crabs, and other seafood.

One of the most popular cycling routes in the area is the Delaware Bicycle Route 1. Cyclists take the route from Fenwick Island through the scenic towns of Cheswold and Lincoln, ending up at New Castle County on the Pennsylvania border.

The humid subtropical climate of the area ensures hot, humid summers, and milder winters.

Tax-free shopping

Visitors to Delaware often forget that the area is tax-free, allowing their vacation money to stretch further. The boutique stores in Fenwick Island have some gorgeous souvenirs and treasures for those that love to indulge in some shopping therapy. The Fenwick Island Farmers Market is where the locals and visitors to the area get locally grown produce and preserves.

Fenwick Island also has “First Friday” of the month specials at all its shops, including restaurants. This is a great time for everyone to enjoy the special prices and promotions on the day.

Population growth rate

The annual growth rate of Fenwick Island is slow, at 1.98%, but it has increased by 22.16% since the 2010 census. Currently, the population stands at 505 people, mostly conservative retirees.

About 5% of the population is between the ages of 0 and 24 years. Thirty-eight percent of the population of the town are between 25 and 64 years.

This is the highest population ever reached by the town which has a population density of 1,397 people per square mile. The average household in Fenwick is 1.86 people, and the average family size is 2.32.

Fenwick Real Estate

Overall, 93.8% of people in the town are homeowners as opposed to renters, and the statistics show that of married couples, 100% own their own home. The overall average earnings of Fenwick’s population are at $44,875.

Housing in the area includes single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Many homes in the town have stunning views of the ocean and beach. The architecture in the area is varied and includes beach cottages, contemporary architecture, Cape Cod-style homes, and A-frames. Most homes have beautiful bright and airy interiors that match the colors of the sky and sea.

The real estate market in Fenwick has been enjoying an overall increase in sales, and their listing inventory keeps dropping. The median sale price for houses in the area has also increased by about 14% in the last year, rising from $385,000 to $440,000. Homes are spending far fewer days on the market than ever before in Fenwick and its surrounds, enjoying a decrease of 76%, to an average of 26 days.

Currently, the average 1000-2000 spare feet home is selling at an average of $965,852. Homes also fetch on average 99.7% of their listing price, an increase of 3.3% from 2020.

Getting Around

Residents in Fenwick do need a car to run most errands, but the town is relatively bike-friendly. There are very few public transportation options in the town. The Coastal Highway Beach Bus does go to Ocean City, departing from the Transit Station at 144th Street.

Moving a Younger Family to Fenwick

Fenwick is considered one of the best places to live in Delaware. It is sparsely populated and offers a suburban feel, but still has plenty to do. Also, the area has some highly-rated public schools. These include the Selbyville Middle School, Indian River High School, the Phillip C. Showell Elementary School, and the Southern Delaware School of Arts.

A low violent crime rate makes it a favorable part of the state and they compare favorably with the rest of the country. Burglaries are the one property crime that unfortunately exceeds the national average by far. Theft is at a slightly higher rate than in the rest of the US. The area has very little motor vehicle theft.

The median household income in Fenwick Island, based on employment rates, business growth, and the cost of living is higher than the national rate of $62,843 and is currently at $73,750.

Fenwick Island Real Estate 

It comes as no surprise that generations of families have enjoyed the beautiful town of Fenwick Island for their vacations. This little town is a treasure trove of the East Coast and younger families are now opting to move to the area permanently, offering their children the opportunity to grow up in a quieter suburban environment, surrounded by nature and the ocean.

The main attractions of the area continue to be the beach and the town’s boardwalk. People never tire of the walking, swimming, and other activities offered by this immense expanse of the seafront.

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