Homes For Sale in Bethany Beach, Delaware

Homes For Sale in Bethany Beach, Delaware Here

Situated in Sussex Count, Delaware, Bethany Beach is one of the cities known as “The Quiet Resorts” which also include South Bethany and Fenwick Island. The serenity of the city is greatly assisted by the presence of the Delaware Seashore State Park, situated just north of the town.

Bethany Beach is not located on one of the barrier islands on the Atlantic seaboard. The seaside resort has many attractions that make it popular during the summer months, and homes sold in the area are snatched up by people quite quickly, especially by those looking for a vacation home.

In recent years, Bethany Beach’s permanent population has increased. This is partly because of retirees preferring its proximity to large cities in the area, but also because it is becoming increasingly popular with younger families wanting to offer their children a quieter lifestyle closer to nature.

How easy is it to find the perfect home for sale in Bethany Beach?

Depending on the type of home required, there is usually a good selection of homes for sale in Bethany Beach, Delaware. There are homes available in various price ranges and a variety of sizes. The town also has apartments and condo developments, but most homes are free-standing.

Looking through the inventory of homes currently available, prices range between $325,000 for a 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom home of 848 square feet and $2 million for stunning homes near the shore with grand views.

Currently, the average price for a Bethany Beach home is $1,105,661 for a 2.81-bedroom and 2.34-bathroom home. As always, the nearer to the beach the home, the more spectacular its views, which raises the asking price.

Finding the perfect home in Bethany Beach should not be difficult, but buyers need to know that usually, homes here don’t spend more than 73 days on the market. Generally, homes have a sale-to-list ratio of 97,88%, meaning they hardly ever sell less than 2.12% below the asking price.

Attractions and amenities in Bethany Beach

There are numerous activities to keep both vacationers and permanent residents busy in and around the town. Besides the scenic beauty of the Delaware Seashore State Park, and the various activities on offer there, the area is teeming with watersport and hiking opportunities.

There are also three golf courses in the area for those who love to spend the day on the greens. These are Salt Pond Golf Club (this is the public golf course), Bear Trap Dunes, and the Bethany Bay Golf Club. Of course, the surrounding area has a huge variety of other golf courses to choose from.

Bethany beach attracts boating, fishing, and water sport enthusiasts. Besides the waters of the Atlantic, the area also boasts the Rehoboth and Indian River Bay areas. These are very close to Bethany Beach and this vast body of water offers various opportunities for water sports devotees.

The city also offers other great pastimes which don’t involve the water. Biking is popular in the town and so is horse riding. For those who love to walk or jog, the Joseph Olson Boardwalk – which is half a mile in length - is a great place to enjoy the sea view while exercising. The beach is also accessible from the Boardwalk.

Entertainment opportunities may not be as plentiful in Bethany Beach as they are in other towns in the area, but it does have restaurants, cafes, and bars. There are also some beautiful shops to browse in with a delightful range of locally produced crafts.

Market day is on Sundays, and this is where the locals usually get their fresh produce from the local producers. The town also has a selection of grocery stores for those that don’t feel like visiting larger towns for grocery shopping.

During the summer months, people enjoy music and movies on the beach in the evenings. Another popular cultural event is the annual Arts Festival.

The local community in numbers

In summer, expect to be a part of the huge crowds. Annually, 15,000 people visit Bethany Beach during the warmer months. They flock here to enjoy the ocean and other activities. Come winter, things quieten down, and the town is left with its permanent population of 1,293 people.

The population in Bethany Beach is growing at a rate of 1.89% annually. This means that the town, which spans over 1 mile, has a population density of 1.126 people per square mile. This makes it the 29th most populated city in Delaware.

Currently, the median age of people in Bethany is 67.6 years. Out of the 796 adults, 529 are seniors.

What is the cost of living like in Bethany Beach?

Overall, the cost of living in Bethany Beach is very high compared to that of both Delaware and the rest of the country. This is also reflected by the homeownership figures which are very high in Bethany Beach - according to the latest statistics, 99.4% of homes are occupied by their owners.

The average Bethany Beach resident has an average annual income that is substantially higher than the U.S. average. The median household income is $87,083 annually, whereas the rest of the country sits at $62,843.

Overall, the cost of living, including housing, is more than the average for the state and the country. Only utilities and transportation are cheaper in Bethany Beach.

Pros and cons of living in Bethany

Bethany Beach scores highly in the overall living conditions in the area. It is good for families, there are excellent schools in the area, and it offers a great selection of outdoor activities. The summers are warm, and winters cold, but they are nicely balanced and autumn tends to be milder than other surrounding areas.

Being on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. means that residents of Bethany Beach are near some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. This places it favorably for people who want to be near these cities.

Homes are more expensive in Bethany Beach, and so is the cost of living. It does have a higher crime rate than some other areas in the country, especially robberies in the violent crime category and thefts in the property crime category. The area does lack ethnic and economic diversity.

Storms are a threat to the region, but there hasn’t been one that has made landfall for more than a century and a half. However, strong northeasters can be disruptive and flooding is sometimes a problem. Homeowners in Bethany Beach, and other coastal areas of Delaware, know that insurance is the best way for them to ensure the protection of their properties and possessions.


Whether someone is looking for a retirement home, vacation home, or a quieter place to settle with their family in Delaware, Bethany Beach is a perfect choice. The town is cheaper than some of the other coastal towns in the state but offers the tranquility most people seek from a coastal town.