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The Atlantic resort town, Ocean City, Mayland, lies comfortably on the Eastern Shore. During the hot summer months Ocean City becomes Maryland’s second most populated city providing a pulsating nightlife, seaside fun and wild adventures. For the remainder of the year the area is an uncrowded, tranquil hamlet by the beach 

Things To Do

The nine miles from the southern inlet to the Delaware state line is jam-packed with activities. Ocean City Boardwalk has been at the heart of shopping and social life in the area since 1902. An assortment of hotels, restaurants and arcades are packed into this thriving space. Explore a little further and you may even come across Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum. 

Another unique attraction is the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum which includes exhibits on sea life, heroic rescue efforts and a sand collection. With events happening most of the year, Ocean City is a year round destination.

From bay to ocean, one is never too far from the water no matter where you lay your head. Stroll down the beaches and you may encounter sand sculptures done by professional artists, or even the occasional wild horse.

There is no shortage of crab and numerous crab houses that are available will tickle your palate. All the best restaurants are open year round and you just might find that your biggest temptation will come from the wide selection of boardwalk treats available. 

For sporting activities head to the Ocean Bowl Skatepark. As one of the longest running skateparks in the country, it was the first of its kind to open on the East Coast. Fishing has always been big in Ocean City. Dubbing itself the “White Marlin Capital of the World,” Ocean City hosts one of the world's biggest fishing tournaments each August. The area offers excellent hiking and bird watching opportunities that are often overshadowed by the popularity of water-bound activities in the area. 


Real estate is as varied as the town itself. Near the Boardwalk as well as in Northern Ocean City seaside condominiums are quite prominent. In contrast the Old Town neighborhood is dominated by regal Victorian homes. With a median home value of around $377,705 the average market rent comes in at $1,300 monthly and may just entice you to invest in Ocean City. 

Large apartment complexes and high rises are the most common housing type, accounting for nearly 70% of the area’s housing units. Other types of housing include row houses, single-family detached homes and a small scattering of duplexes and homes that have been converted into apartments. Dwellings tend to lean towards the smaller side, usually with two bedrooms or less. This housing mix is quite characteristic of compact, walkable places that often have a lively downtown - Ocean City fits this description like a glove. 

Relative to Maryland, Ocean City’s annual appreciation rate is higher than most other towns and cities in Maryland. The appreciation rate in the last decade has been 5.8%. 

The Community 

Per capita income in Ocean city during 2018 was estimated to be $42,371, placing it in the middle income range in Maryland. Compared to the rest of the US, residents in Ocean City are wealthy. A family of four is estimated to have an annual income of $169,484. Individuals who call Ocean City home hail from a variety of racial and ethnic groups. English is the most common language in the area, but one can expect to run into some Spanish and Greek on the odd occasion as well.

Roughly a third of residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and the majority of residents own their homes. There are a lot of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and parks. Many retirees call Ocean City home and the area tends to lean toward the conservative side, but each community is unique in its own right. 

Meander about in Ocean Pines, located five miles inland from Ocean City and you will find that much of Ocean Pines shoulders coastal bay water. Interestingly this community began as a retirement resort in 1968. Today it is the largest residential community in Worcester County with their very own police station, fire department, water system, public works and amenities.

The coastline, better known as “the strip”, is the place where you can find thousands of hotels, apartment and condominium buildings, restaurants and shops. Travel to the southern tip of the strip to encounter the iconic Ocean City Boardwalk that is home to two amusement parks and a variety of treats. 

Ocean City is located near car-accessible bodies of water and this includes the Assawoman Bay to the north and the Sinepuxent Bay in the south. Assateague Island straddles both Maryland and Virginia, but it's a quick drive from the southern part of the city. Wild horses are rumoured to have first arrived on these shores centuries ago, when a Spanish ship sank off the coast. For a quieter beach scene take a short drive to Bethany Beach or Rehoboth Beach.


Ocean City is quite safe, but the use of common sense is encouraged. At the beach it is advised to swim near lifeguards and to pay attention to any warnings that may be raised. Rip tides are one of the biggest things to watch out for and can be recognized by a difference in water color. Those who are caught in a riptide should remain calm and swim parallel to the shoreline. 

Jellyfish can also make an appearance in the area. Glass containers and alcohol are forbidden from the beach and pets are only allowed on the beach at certain times. From October to April pets may experience the boardwalk and beach with their owners. 

Overall Takeaway 

The summer season is the busiest and best time in Ocean City. The warm sun encourages one to be out and about on the beach. The area offers something for everyone and specializes in delivering that classic American beach vacation. Fun in the sun had never been this good.