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Rehoboth Beach Houses for Sale Here

To the south of Lewes and Cape Henlopen lies a much-loved seaside town whose population rises and falls much like the ebb and flow of the tide. During the summertime Rehoboth Beach is home to around 25,000 visitors during peak season.  

Known for a pristine coastline, Rehoboth Beach also features an eclectic community of shops and restaurants and events like the annual Sea Witch Halloween and Fiddler’s Festival.  Every year, late in October, hundreds of zombies, witches, monsters and other unique characters gather on Rehoboth Beach for a fun-filled two-day festival. Featuring activities like a dog parade, magic shows, best costume contests, pony rides, monster art, broom tossing and a whole host of other activities the Sea Witch Halloween & Fiddler’s Festival is a hit with families. The costume parade takes place annually on the last Saturday of the month and for a fixed time kids and adults alike can indulge in unlimited candy and Halloween surprises. 

Places of Interest

With a sprawling 30 miles of coastline, sports enthusiasts can indulge in kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing and surfing or simply take a leisurely stroll along manicured trails. Rehoboth Beach offers some of the best water-bound fun around.   

Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk

Bearing the title of being one of the best scenic spots in town and one of the top Rehoboth Beach attractions, the curious explorer will find interesting local shops, restaurants and lots of family entertainment here. During the warm season open air concerts with bands are sure to leave an impression while the colorful beach cottages make for a nostalgic postcard. The mile-long boardwalk is one of the most famous attractions around and provides the perfect vantage point to admire the scenic beauty of the area. 

Gordons Pond

This scenic hiking and biking trail in Delaware runs past the pond and into a lush forest. From the trail one can admire wetlands and dunes, or be the envy of social media with picturesque selfies that capture the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean. The trail is on an elevated boardwalk for about a half mile. Two observation points will reveal the stunning landscape and provide a perfect backdrop for romantic moments. 

Several types of mammals and reptiles can be found in the area. During the warm summer months the coastline becomes a nesting ground for piping plovers - a threatened species of shorebird. Birdwatchers could spot some interesting feathered friends in the area!

Junction and Breakwater Trail

Originally opened in 2003 and extended in 2007, the 6 mile trail to Lewes Beach and Cape Henlopen State Park skirts natural coastal forest and wide open farmland. An absolute treat for nature lovers, joggers, bikers and families alike. Featuring an 80-foot long refurbished railroad bridge originally built in 1913, scenic views of a WWII observation tower and coastal wetlands, this crushed stone trail is one of the top attractions in the area. 

Rehoboth Beach Homes

Rehoboth Beach includes a great mix of budget-friendly beach homes and luxury Oceanfront properties. While some of the more expensive properties along the Delaware coast can be found here, they are much more approachable than other coastal areas and just as desirable. Largely made up of single-family homes with tree-lined streets and a family-friendly atmosphere, the area offers exceptional climate and top-notch amenities. The mix of architectural styles ensures that every tree-lined street has something different to offer. From Cape Cod-style houses and bungalows to custom luxury homes and modern redevelopments, a wealth of discovery awaits for the new homeowner in Rehoboth.  

Popular Amenities

Offering a bit of something to everyone, Rehoboth Beach is a magnet for old-fashioned fun in the sun. If amusement park rides and activities tickle your fancy then Funland will be high on your to-do list. Rehoboth’s famous mile-long boardwalk is home to heavenly candy and fudge shops, snazzy souvenir shops and the much-loved Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, where beachgoers can enjoy free concerts throughout the beach season. With the exception of state park areas, the beaches generally have no fees. 

For a decidedly different atmosphere head down Rehoboth Avenue. The miniature cosmopolitan city houses nightclubs, restaurants, haute couture boutiques and stunning art galleries.  Downtown brings more dining and bar options as this year-round beach town has some of the most unique dining experiences on offer. Restaurants run the full gamut from fine dining to outdoor cafes. While strolling down the Avenue the familiar sound of gulls and the aroma of salt water taffy can still be appreciated and is not obscured by the shops, bookstores and art galleries. 

Artisans flock from all over the area to display their work and take part in the renowned Rehoboth Art League’s Outdoor art and craft show. The Art League offers classes for adults and kids and you may even be treated to a unique rendition of Shakespeare in the Park. 

Bay Vista

Known for its progressive style, upscale atmosphere and family diversity Rehoboth Beach attracts people as diverse as the homes on offer. 

With a median home value nestling comfortably at the $1,287,086 mark, monthly rental could set you back $1,532 monthly on average. One of the highest appreciating neighborhoods since 2000 in Rehoboth Beach includes the prestigious Bay Vista area. 

The median real estate price in the Bay Vista area is estimated to be around $471,287 with the average rental price being $1,847 monthly. This suburban neighborhood primarily consists of homes with 3 or more bedrooms, with many residences being a 2000 or newer build. 

Vacant apartments and homes are not an unfamiliar sight in the Bay Vista area as current real estate vacancy is estimated to settle around 43.7%. This is due to a large percentage of housing being seasonally occupied. 

Unique and Notable

Bay Vista is a neighborhood that is very nautical. One can expect that this historic, walkable and densely populated area will have special amenities to attract visitors to the waterfront. This gives the neighborhood a very seafaring feel, without the rowdiness. According to NeighborhoodScout the Bay Vista area is one of the quietest neighborhoods in America. . 

The neighborhood welcomes our friends from the LGBTQ community and just under 6% of households in the area are home to same sex couples. Apart from being inclusive and welcoming to different communities, the Bay Vista area is a great retirement spot as well. This neighborhood is an excellent choice for active retirees as many amenities are within walking distance and the crime rate is generally low. Not to mention the various tax perks Delaware is famous for!

A high number of residents choose to work from home and avoid the commute altogether, which adds to the quiet character of the neighborhood. The Bay Vista neighborhood is home to more people with English and Slovak ancestry than any other neighborhood in America. Adding to the unique blend that makes this upmarket coastal area so lovable is that quite a large portion of the population, (just under 20%) who are 5 years old and above, speaks Italian at home. 

The Final Take

One look around Rehoboth Beach is enough to reveal the town’s artsy, edgy sophistication. But keep looking and you’ll discover hidden nooks that make this one of the East Coast’s most family-friendly beach destinations. From a picturesque ocean view to the iconic boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach is a destination that will welcome new residents with open, cosmopolitan arms.